Athletes said that the Arab Gulf Football League clubs reverted to their old plans regarding the transfer market, despite the pandemic of the Corona virus, which was expected to cast a shadow over the clubs ’contracts in the summer transfers, and they indicated that some clubs had a vision of strengthening their ranks with the national players Before considering entering into deals with foreign players, stressing at the same time that high deals will not stop.

They assured, "Emirates Today", that clubs were not affected by the financial shock caused by the Corona virus, and that they continue their usual approach to concluding deals at high prices, and they said that Al-Nasr Club has so far proved to be the most focused on quality deals, after it concluded the most expensive two deals until Now, with the signing of Al-Wahda team player Sebastian Tigali and Sharjah player Ryan Mendes.

The Arab Gulf Football League clubs spent about eight million and 550,000 euros, or more than 35 million dirhams, in 32 contracts with players officially announced by the clubs as new deals besides renewing loans, without an account Renewing contracts ending for players.

The summer transfer period begins officially on the 15th of this month, and extends to 14 of next October, while the winter transfer period begins on the fifth of January 2021 and continues until the first of February 2021.

The player’s agent, Munther Ali, stressed that the Arab Gulf League clubs are sufficiently aware of its budget and operate within that, and that club heads are fully aware that any budget deficiencies will be required to pay from their money, especially since there will be an audit of expenses at the end of the season, noting Clubs spending 35 million dirhams so far is not a high number, and it is expected that the clubs will conclude more similar deals in the coming days.

He said: «The aspirations differ from one club to another, so in my estimation that exchange so far cannot be described as high, we are talking about players who have their quality, and certainly when you search for the best players, the price will be high, in my estimate that the exchange depends on the player, as There are difficulties for clubs when they want to sign players who have contracts with their clubs. ”

Munther Ali pointed out that the clubs became fully aware of the side effects of the Corona virus, and said: "I expect some clubs to try to rationalize spending during the transfer market, so the most prominent trend among the clubs is to do local deals before thinking about contracting with foreigners."

For his part, the former board member of Al Wasl Club, Sultan Hareb, considered that the management of the clubs was required to provide exchange, with the importance of trying to build teams of young players for the future, instead of thinking about only one season and achieving titles in it, considering that some clubs were not affected by a pandemic Corona, and you will still use the same financial exchange for transfers.

He said: «The departments of the Arab Gulf League clubs must rationalize the financial exchange and pump it over the next two years instead of thinking about one season only, by relying on the existing young players, in the hope of building a strong team that remains a competitor for future titles in the future instead of preparing a team For one season only. ''

He pointed out that some clubs were not affected by the financial shock due to the pandemic of "Corona", similar to the Al-Nasr, Sharjah and Al-Ain clubs. He said: "These clubs have a continuous approach in the past years in the contracts, and it is noticed that Al-Nasr Club this season is the most focused on quality deals similar to Contracting with Sebastian Tigali and Ryan Mendes ».

For his part, the founder of Flex Sports Consultants, Ali Matar, said that what is currently happening from the financial exchange of clubs on contracts, which reached 35 million dirhams in 32 deals, confirms that the clubs returned to their old plans that they had put in place before the outbreak of the Corona virus “And she has now entered the transfer market with all her might.

He said: «The measures to ease health restrictions give many people a state of calm, which made the clubs return to previous plans in exchange, and do not forget that the clubs are under pressure in the necessity of achieving titles, which makes them think about entering strongly into the transfer market, but the most affected are the players Citizens, not foreigners. ”

Ali Matar attributed the reason behind the clubs ’spending so far, to the return of government support to his previous era, after he had shrunk by 40%, and the supporters of the clubs did not reduce the budget, in addition to the presence of investment revenues for a number of clubs, and he said:“ I expect that he will return The transfer market is more spent than before, but clubs must pay attention to contracts, especially after the Corona lesson, and that conditions are established regarding the payoff of players and playing times, and in the case of a citizen player performing the role of the foreigner himself, the citizen must be relied upon.

Summer transfers begin on the 15th of this month, and extend until October 14th.

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