Juve scored first.

  Chinanews.com, July 8th. Early in the morning on the 8th of Beijing time, AC Milan played against Juventus in a spotlight in the 31st round of the Serie A 2019-20 season. Juventus led by two goals in the match, but Milan scored 3 goals in 5 minutes in the second half to reverse the situation on the court. Eventually, Milan, who played at home, won a magical victory with a score of 4:2.

  After the game started, although both sides failed to score goals immediately, the rhythm was always controlled by Juventus playing away. Fortunately, the door of the home team has not lost, the two sides ended the first half 0:0.

  Juve was more active in the second half and saw a quick return. In the 47th minute, Rabio broke the ball in the backcourt and ran to the outside of the penalty area for a long distance. He lifted his long shot and a world wave penetrated the door of the "old lady". AC Milan fell behind 0:1 at home.

In the 53rd minute, Ronaldo extended the advantage for Juventus playing away.

  In the 53rd minute, Ronaldo ushered in a performance opportunity. Quadrado's long pass, Cristiano Ronaldo pushed back and broke the ball after a successful offside, Juventus led by two goals.

  The Serie A leader seems to have won, but then the situation changes suddenly. In the 62nd minute, Bonucci handball in the penalty area, the referee awarded a penalty through VAR, Ibrahimovic took the penalty to pull back a goal for the home team.

Ibrahimovic scored.

  After 4 minutes, AC Milan played multiple players in the frontcourt. Ibrahimovic played in the penalty area. Casey scored a goal and broke the goal with a right foot. AC Milan equalized.

  Immediately after, Leon scored the ball in the frontcourt and broke into the penalty area. He rushed to the defensive player and scored a small angle to break the goal. AC Milan, who was two goals behind, scored three goals in 5 minutes to achieve a lead.

Juve 5 scored consecutive goals in the 66th and 67th minutes, instantly reversing the score.

  It was not over yet. Some Juventus players who had been stunned made a pass error in the backcourt in the 80th minute. Bonaltoula got the ball from the edge of the penalty area and rushed into the penalty area for a cross. Rebic scored a goal. In the end AC Milan completed a magical reversal at home, defeating Juventus, the league leader, 4:2.

  This is the first time in the history of 212 clashes that AC Milan has reversed Juventus in a multi-ball situation. And after winning the game, AC Milan has been undefeated for five consecutive rounds, reaching the top five. (Finish)