After just over an hour, J-Södra had the chance to snatch a 2-1 lead. The team was awarded a penalty after Fredric Fendrich fell after having Jesper Manns in the back. AFC goalkeeper Wille Jakobsson dived into his right corner and saved the penalty shot by Edin Hamidovic, who was cleared, his second penalty of the day.

Dzenis Kozica struck a similar penalty for J-Södra at the end of the first half that Jakobsson saved.

After the second penalty, AFC stepped up and after bouncing in the penalty area, Francis Jno-Baptiste turned around and cut 2-2. If J-Södra managed both penalties, the team would have led 4-1.

18-year-old Jakobsson was allowed to jump in when first-team goalkeeper Joshua Wicks was seriously injured in the premiere on June 16 against Västerås SK.

"It's an incredible relief, now everything is releasing," says Jakobsson with a big smile.

Patch with secret content before both penalties

In front of both penalties Jakobsson received a note sent from the bench by goalkeeper coach Dima Petrenko.

- I got a note from Dima. It's a secret what it stood for, but it helped, says Jakobsson, ignoring Dplay's information that it said "puss and hug" on the note.

For the next match, Wicks can compete and compete to stand between the posts.

- It's great fun if he's back soon. I admire him at every workout, says Jakobsson.

Ten minutes from the end, AFC got into a flying change and the ball was recorded to replace Govand Haidar, who made 3-2 after one minute on the pitch. The team that scored two goals and started with four straight losses turned two disadvantages on the way to the first point and the first win. The last can start to look upwards.

- We know that this victory gives us a lot and leads us on to all problems with corona and injuries, says AFC's coach profile Özkan Melkemichel who is too emotional to analyze the match.