The biggest star of the gal, the stalwart Armand Duplantis, looks forward to the competition but has no idea where he stands.

- It feels like I'm on my way back, knocking off some rust that I've had in the transition from the indoor season to this later outdoor-type season we have now.

- This year has been crazy, he continues. It has been something no one could expect or prepare for. All of a sudden, the entire season planning was erased. All competitions disappeared and there was nothing to aim for. It is difficult to know what you are training for.

Discus thrower Daniel Ståhl comes from a failed competition last weekend. But on Wednesday it will be better he hopes.

- I have trained as usual and honed the technique, he says. It's going to be fun tomorrow, that's what I know. Then we see how far it flies.

The women's long jump includes Swedish jumpers of a really high class, including Khaddi Sagnia and Erica Jarder. That is the talent Tilde Johansson thinks is good.

"It's really fun," she says. We have a good width and high top level. So it will be very difficult to enter among the top three in Sweden. It encourages one to want to get better.

SVT broadcasts Karlstad GP on SVT2 at 18.00 tomorrow Wednesday.

CLIP: Hear Ståhl be sawed by his own trainer

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Hear Ståhl be sawed by his own coach: "He throws like a fucking rake" Photo: SVT