Tottenham's Son Heung-min made a rare scene of arguing with a fellow goalkeeper, but Mourinho expressed that it was beautiful that this quarrel advances the team.

This is reporter Kim Hyung-yeol.


Shortly after the first half, Yoris' goalkeeper runs and shouts towards Son Heung-min.

Son Heung-min also responded and created a nasty atmosphere, but he did not spread the fight with his colleagues.

Just before Tottenham failed the counterattack shortly before the end of the first half, the reason was that Son Heung-min didn't engage in defense so much that he could be compared to other players.

[Joris/Tottenham goalkeeper: Son Heung-min didn't press well, so he gave his opponent a good chance right before the end of the first half, and that made him angry.]

Still, the results were good.

In an attack that started with Son Heung-min, Rosselso's shot was defended by the opponent's defense and became the lucky winner's own goal.

After a 1-0 victory, Son Heung-min and Yoris embraced and encouraged each other.

[Joris/Tottenham Goalkeeper: The situation between Son Heung-min and myself is a common occurrence in soccer. There's no problem between us.]

Mourinho praised his passion for contention.

[Mourinho/Tottenham: It's a beautiful scene. I've always said (for development) to ask my co-workers to ask for a lot of pressure.]

Tottenham, who fought and successfully reversed the mood, climbed to eighth place in the league.

(Video editing: Park Chun-bae)