Spanish professional footballer Lee Kang-in of Valencia scored the final goal of the game in Valladolid and gave the team a valuable victory in five games.

Valencia had a home game against Valladolid with Lee Kang-in as a bench member. Valencia, who started aggressive attacks from the beginning, scored the first goal in the 30th minute.

Gomez calmly finished the cross of Kameiro, but with the start of the second half, Valladolid is also fighting back.

In the second half of the minute, Valencia scored a goal for Valladolid's Victor Garcia, allowing a one-to-one tie.

In the second half of the 18th minute, Lee Kang-in is replaced, and Lee Gang-in, who showed active movement, digs the left side in the 37th minute and raises an accurate cross, but Gomes' heading stops.

In addition, it was declared offside, but Lee Kang-in did not give up and finally scored a goal like a gold with a left-footed long-range shot in the 44th minute.

Two defenders were in front, but they were pinned to the corner of the opponent's goal.

This is the second goal of Lee Kang-in's league and scored 10 months after Getafe last September.

Valencia won a 2-1 thrilling victory over Valladolid thanks to Lee Kang-in's goal.

Valencia, who has been sluggish with a recent manager change, added three points in five games and moved up to eighth place with 50 points.