Famous Hollywood actor Jean-Claude Van Damme spoke about the death of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, father and coach of UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. In his Instagram, he expressed condolences to the fighter and his family, and called the specialist himself “brother.”

“I never met you in real life, but I always admired the great journey of your life! I pray for you now, during your new blessed journey to heaven; may God bless your soul. Amen, ”Van Damme wrote on Instagram. 

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Posted by Jean-Claude Van Damme (@jcvd) Jul 6, 2020 at 3:35 PDT

A few days after the death of Nurmagomedov Sr., an emotional post about him on Instagram was published by the manager of Khabib Nurmagomedov Ali Abdel-Aziz. He recalled that the trainer who died at the age of 57 brought up not only his son, but also 18 other world champions in various sports.  

“This person has changed so many lives, giving them food, shelter and a dream. I always loved Habib and his team, but when I met his father, it was something more. I have not felt such pain in my heart since my mother died. Abdulmanap left behind so many that would continue his legacy. His legacy will live forever, ”wrote Abdel-Aziz.

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Publication by Ali (@ aliabdelaziz000) Jul 5, 2020 at 5:55 am PDT

And the Russian MMA fighter Adam Yandiev spoke about the funeral of Abdulmanap Magomedovich, which took place in the native village of coach Kirovule, and about the meeting with his son. He called the specialist himself "the great father, trainer and teacher."

“When I flew to Dagestan to the homeland of Uncle Abdulmanap and saw the eyes of his son, my brother Khabib, these eyes were full of pain and sorrow due to the loss of the dearest person in life, my heart sank in pain from this, I will remember this look for a long time . It is very painful to realize that you will never be able to hug your father again and say how much you love him. We need to protect our parents, relatives and friends, while they are alive, while they are with us. My brother, Khabib Nurmagomedov, the Ingush people grieve with you, and all other peoples of our big country, I am with you with all my heart. Be strong, my brother! May Allah forgive him all his sins and please him with paradise, ”Yandiyev wrote on Instagram. 

In turn, the famous journalist Vasily Utkin on his Facebook page reacted to the statement of the three-time Olympic figure skating champion and State Duma deputy Irina Rodnina, who previously emphasized:

“I am a representative of classic sports, and fights are not mine, I'm sorry. But this does not cancel the fact that a worthy person left, I know about his achievements ... He lived a decent life, raised a good son and was an example for many, it is a pity that he left so early. I think his death will be a lesson for many. If you were told to wear masks, gloves, use disinfectants and stay at home, then a civilized person should follow these requirements. ”

Utkin responded by saying that he could not “reduce the morality” of what happened to Nurmagomedov Sr. to Rodnina’s words.

“Who is Abdulmanap? In his image, father and coach are completely inseparable. He is certainly a strong, intelligent person, and one of his most indisputable advantages was caution. This is part of preparing for the most difficult battle. This is part of parenting. How to spend, protect, prepare. But you didn’t save yourself ... The ability to be an authority for many gives rise to one’s own vulnerability - you will warn your son, but who will warn you, you’re the eldest, and specifically you, Abdulmanap, are omniscient, ”the commentator wrote.

The journalist expressed the opinion that the son of a specialist, Habib, probably thinks that he did not save his father, and also did not insist that he obey the doctors.  

“But hardly at the funeral he said:“ Dad, they told you - stay at home, wear a mask! ” Did you speak? And you?" Maybe that’s how Rodnina-mother spoke with her daughter? Not surprised that they have such different lives now. Abdulmanap, an intelligent, cunning highlander, continues to live in his students and in his son. Irina Rodnina is sitting in a golden cage, not locked up - she just likes it there, a lonely, well-groomed old woman, and she is trying her best to be heard and understood, ”Utkin added. 

Meanwhile, it became known that Khabib's cousin Umar Nurmagomedov refused to participate in his debut fight in the UFC with Nathaniel Wood, which was to be held on Fight Island in Abu Dhabi on July 26. This was stated by the representative of Wood. According to him, Nathaniel is currently waiting for a new rival.

Also, the departure to the UAE was canceled by another ward of Nurmagomedov Sr. Tagir Ulanbekov. He had to fight with the Ukrainian Alexander Doskalchuk. 

At the same time, they are confident in the world of sports that the loss of their father will not break Khabib Nurmagomedov. For example, Kamil Gadzhiev, president of the Fight Nights Global promotion company, expressed this point of view. 

“Losing a father is a tragedy for any normal man who has the right relationship with him. Therefore, Habib is least of all thinking about whether to continue with him or not. Probably, the time will come when it will be necessary to seriously talk about it. I believe that we must continue. In this life, a lot of things happened that could break Habib, but did not. And even such a terrible tragedy will not break him either, ”Hajiyev said in an interview with Sports.ru. 

A three-time Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling and State Duma deputy Alexander Karelin emphasized that Nurmagomedov Jr. will find reassurance only in sports.  

“It’s always hard to lose a coach, it’s even harder to lose a father. But Habib immediately lost his father and coach. I express my condolences to the family and friends. I don’t have recipes, only sympathy, ”Karelin quoted R-Sport as saying.