Yesterday, several British newspapers, including the "Mirror," revealed that the European Union is close to making changes to the dates and locations of the resumption of the Champions League, which stopped at the round of 16. "Mirror" said that Manchester City is among the clubs that pushed hard in recent days to host the return match at home, not in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, as currently planned.

She said that City, Barcelona, ​​Bayern and Juventus may win this battle during the upcoming meeting of the Executive Committee of the European Union in Neon, Switzerland, tomorrow, where it is expected to grant the right to host the second leg of the round of 16 at home.

In this case, City will host Real at home, Bayern Munich Chelsea, Barcelona with Napoli and Juventus with Lyon, while at the European League level there are eight games that will be decided as well.

It is noteworthy that the semi-finals of the quarter-finals in the European Champions were decided, while the other half was set for him at the beginning of August in Lisbon, with the championship roles continuing with the one-match system, and concluding in the final on August 23

Although the European Union decided to settle the dates during a previous official meeting, the great flexibility in the travel sector between European countries, and the easing of the measures that were taken against the Corona virus, may push - according to many European media - the continental union to change its position regarding playing role matches The 16th in Lisbon, Portugal, according to sources in the UEFA Executive Committee, revealed that the decision is in the interest of giving clubs the opportunity to play matches on their soil, although in all cases they will be held without an audience.

It is noteworthy that the clubs that qualified for the quarter-finals are Paris Saint-Germain, the winner over Dortmund, and the Italian Atlanta who eliminated Valencia, as well as Atletico Madrid, who qualified for the title holder Liverpool, and the same for the German Leipzig team, the biggest surprise in the elimination of last summer's championship, Tottenham.

On the other hand, City had achieved an important victory in going against Madrid 2-1, Barcelona settled for a 1-1 draw, while Bayern defeated Chelsea in the last 3-0, and Juventus lost to Lyon 1-0.

The European Union will hold its match draw for the quarter-finals, determine the stadiums and the same matter for the semi-finals, while the final match will remain unchanged on August 23. UEFA had approved preliminary quarter-final and semi-final dates between 12 and 19 August, and the remaining matches for the final price on 7 and 8 of the same month.

The remaining matches are from the Round of 16

City - Real Madrid (2-1 back)

Barcelona - Naples (1-1)

Juventus - Lyon (0-1)

Bayern - Chelsea (3-0)

Matches ending

■ Liverpool - Atletico

(2-4 on aggregate)

Leipzig - Tottenham (4-0)

Dortmund - SG (2-3)

■ Atalanta - Valencia (8-4)

The easing of travel procedures between European countries is the most prominent reason for UEFA's tendency to amend the European Champions Calendar.

The remaining matches from the round of 16 were scheduled to take place between 7 and 8 August in Lisbon, Portugal.

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