Social media pioneers shared a video of a Russian goalkeeper struck by a thunderbolt during the exercises last Saturday, and he was transferred immediately to the hospital after he entered a coma.

The video showed goalkeeper Ivan Zabrovsky (16 years old) in an exercise that was separate from the rest of his teammates before the thunderbolt struck him at a time when the sky seemed clear, which prompted observers on the communication sites to be surprised by the horror of the situation, and they thought that the video was a composite, but later it became clear that the incident Real.

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На сегодня состояние стабильное, кардиограмма в норме, сильнии ожоги на место вх Угрозы жизни, по словам врачей, нет. # Знамятруда # ореховозуево

- Znamya Truda FC 🚩 (@ZnamyaTrudaFC) July 6, 2020

In an official statement on his account, Twitter, the Russian soccer club Znamia Trudha said: "The coach of the team, Anton Basov, was the first to notice the incident and rushed to help goalkeeper Ivan Zabrovsky. The players and the medical device joined him and the club doctor gave him first aid, including massage, resuscitation of the heart and breathing. artificial".

The club added: "The ambulance arrived and transported the young goalkeeper to the hospital, entered an artificial coma, and in the evening he was taken by helicopter to the city of Ljubersi."

For its part, "Sky News Arabia" channel quoted the Russian newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda" as saying: "The goalkeeper Ivan Zaporovsky was severely injured by the thunderbolt that hit the goalpost at a time when the goalkeeper was near her," adding that "the guard is still in Coma and his condition critical. "

The newspaper added: "The Russian meteorologist had warned about the formation of lightning in the city of Orykhovo Zuevo, which belongs to the club Znamia Truda."

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