Son Heung-min of the English Premier League Tottenham started the game against Everton, but failed to score.

Tottenham won 1-0 and climbed to 8th in the league.

Heung-Min Son, who started out as an attacker on the left side of Everton, led the attack with vigorous movement.

Tottenham, who pushed Everton from the beginning of the game, also scored a lucky goal in the first 24 minutes, starting at Son Heung-min.

When Harry Kane shot Son Heung-Min's pass and it flowed after a defence, Rosselso shot again, scoring Everton's defence and scored an own goal.

Tottenham advanced 1-0 to the first half, but the moment he entered the locker after the first half was over, Son Heung-min and fellow goalkeeper Yoris were caught in a fight.

It wasn't until the other teammates struggled to fight, but Yoris' goalkeeper pointed out the issue of Son Heung-min's defense, and the two showed reconciliation before the start of the second half.

Son Heung-min, who was the best player, shot a sharp right foot in the 8th minute and unfortunately got blocked by the opponent's goalkeeper.

Without stopping here, he fired two more shots, but missed the goal or was blocked by the goalkeeper again.

Son Heung-min could not raise the attack point in the end and was replaced by the 33rd minute in the second half, so the challenge of league 10 goal was delayed to the next chance.

Tottenham won Everton a one-to-one victory and increased their ranking from 10th to 8th with 48 points.