Strömbergssson, who was suspended for the rest of the year because of an abusive statement against goalkeeper Aly Keita, criticized the football association for not supporting him during the past week.

- When the crisis strikes and the media drive is at its greatest, you need help. I quickly realized that the help was not with my employer but instead felt that the employer was firing at the negative picture, he told Gefle Dagblad.

"I think it's reasonable"

Now the union's Håkan Sjöstrand responds to the criticism.

- I understand that it is a pressure situation for Strömbergsson now. But when we got information through the media we immediately contacted him and have had a continuous dialogue, but of course we have to see if there is more we can do, he tells SVT Sport.

Håkan Sjöstrand rejects that the Football Association would "fire" the negative image of Martin Strömbergsson.

- Statements were made by some people but they were made after Strömbergsson confirmed. Then the Swedish Football Association, through different people, distances from that form of statements and I think that is reasonable.

Can Martin Strömbergsson continue as a judge?

- It is decided every year in November. Then a classification is made by the judging committee. And that applies to all our elite judges.

He himself says he will have to look for a new job.

- It will show the future. But this year he is not awarded any elite judgeship.