It was during the match between Östersund and Gif Sundsvall last year that Strömbergsson should have said "Go back to your goal so they can throw bananas at you". The judge himself thinks that the words were "jump into the cage and I'll give you a banana".

Regardless of what the words were, the consequence was that the Swedish Football Association stopped him for the rest of the term of employment, ie the year out.

- There are two things that have made me extremely sad about everything that has happened - first and foremost a goalkeeper has been offended by something I said last year and then my personal brand has been given a racist suit in the media. The two parts have hurt. The investigation itself is a legal document with many pages and for me there were only two things that were important, that everyone involved understood how damn sorry I am for what I disclosed a year ago and that I had no racist intention, he says. Gefle Dagblad.

He is not sure if he must quit completely as a judge, but he is starting from that right now.

- The union has shut me down during the remaining period of employment and has not been able to give any information about the future, so I have to interpret it as I need to find a new employer in the future.

He is also disappointed with the support of the football association.

- When the crisis strikes and the media drive is at its greatest, you need help. I quickly realized that the help was not with my employer but instead felt that the employer was firing at the negative image, the judge says.

Clip: Strömberg: "It's a scandal"

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Soccer columnist Therese Strömberg in the Football Studio. Photo: SVT