China News Service, July 5th, last night, this morning, the Premier League defeated 5 games in the 33rd round of which, Leicester City 3:0 Crystal Palace, Chelsea 3:0 Watford, Manchester United 5:2 Bournemouth In the four major battles, they refused to give in to each other, and used the oath of victory to resolve the determination of the Champions League tickets.

Premier League official micro screenshot

  Leicester City ranked third with 58 points, Chelsea ranked fourth with 57 points, and Manchester United ranked fifth with 55 points. After losing to Arsenal, the Wolves stalled, temporarily scoring 52 points Ranked sixth in the ranking. However, from the third place Leicester to the sixth place Wolves are only 6 points difference, only five final rounds left from the end of the Premier League this season, the suspense for the four battles is constantly escalating.

League standings

  From the perspective of the situation, Leicester, Chelsea, Manchester United and Wolves will start a fierce competition for the two Champions League tickets. They are the most likely to get the third and fourth teams to enter the Champions League. Coincidentally, the four teams all played in the same game this weekend. Leicester, Chelsea and Manchester United all scored three points. After the rematch, the Wolves, which had a three-game winning streak, lost to Assen 0:2 away. The situation of competing for the fourth is more complicated.

The results of five games last night and this morning.

  In terms of schedule, Manchester United's opponents in the last five rounds are weak, playing against Villa, Southampton, Crystal Palace, West Ham and Leicester. Chelsea will next face Crystal Palace, Sheffield United, Norwich, Liverpool and Wolves. Sheffield and Wolves are directly fighting for four opponents.

  Leicester City, which is worse than Chelsea's schedule, although occupying a leading position, is still not optimistic. After the rematch, Rogers' team has a bad record. The defeat of Crystal Palace in this round is their first win after the rematch. Next, they In the face of the tests of Arsenal, Bournemouth, Sheffield United, Tottenham and Manchester United, Leicester City has a long way to go in order to retain the Champions League seat. (Finish)