On the evening of the 3rd, before the match between Guangdong and Jiangsu in the CBA League, Yao Ming invited the Zhong Nanshan and his wife to the scene. Yao Ming, who appeared as the chairman of the basketball association, presented two No. 36 jerseys to the academician Zhong Nanshan and his wife because the two old men were born in 1936.

  North Control coach Marbury then posted a photo of the jerseys of Zhong Nanshan and his wife on Weibo, and replaced the personal Weibo profile with Zhong Nanshan the next day.

Weibo screenshot

  Attentive netizens may have noticed that as early as a few months ago, Marbury replaced the Weibo business card background with a photo of Academician Zhong Nanshan to pay tribute. This time he changed his avatar again. Some people laughed and said that Marbury was Zhong Nanshan's "number one iron powder". And most netizens are also affirming Marbury's approach.

Weibo netizen comment screenshot

  It's not unreasonable to speak of Marbury's respect for Zhong Lao. On the journey of China's fight against the epidemic, Academician Zhong Nanshan is an inescapable name. Academician Zhong also contributed to this CBA rematch.

  In fact, in addition to the two "stolen pictures" like Zhong Nanshan, who is a fan of fans, the old horse, which is much loved by fans, has also cheered for China's "war epidemic" many times. After listening to these stories, you will understand where his inner respect for Academician Zhong comes from.

Data map: On November 20, 2019, Beijing Shougang defeated Beijing Beikong 87:79 at the 7th round of the CBA league. Marbury returned to Wukesong for the first time as a coach but failed to take away a victory. The picture shows the North Control team coach Marbury appeared in white. Friday frenzy

  The outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic that has swept the world this year came suddenly. The suspension of the suspension has spread to the CBA league, which was already half a year ago.

  After playing the last game before the Spring Festival, Marbury took a flight back to the United States and planned to enjoy a week's vacation. Unexpectedly, his Spring Festival holiday has been forced to be extended until returning to Beijing on March 11.

Marbury photographed the process of accepting nucleic acid testing.

  After getting off the plane, the first thing Lao Ma did was go to the hospital for a new coronavirus test, and the result was negative. He filmed this process and put it on social media. In the video, he seriously said: "I am in China at the moment, I will do this test now, I have an obligation to protect the safety of people around me, this is a serious Thing."

  The test results lifted Lao Ma's concerns. During the quarantine, he watched the team's training live broadcast at home and "remotely controlled" the command team, while "according to the requirements and regulations! Listen to the organization!"

Screenshot of Marbury's personal Weibo

  Looking through Marbury's Weibo, the earliest content related to the epidemic was posted on January 26, the evening of the second day of the Lunar New Year. Coincidentally, this day is only one day away from his first visit to China ten years ago. In the video he posted, he slowly made this passage:

  "My heart is heavy for my second hometown at the moment. I have deep sympathy for the people of Wuhan. Please be strong at this time. The Chinese-style speed is showing the world how a big country can move forward like a solid whole. I pray that the infected patients will recover quickly, and express my deep condolences to the people who lost their families. My heart is very painful, but I still hope to deliver powerful energy to the people of China. Love is love."

Screenshot of Marbury's personal Weibo

  Since then, his Weibo has appeared a total of 73 developments, and the content related to China's anti-epidemic accounted for 20, which is even higher than the frequency of his North Control team.

  In the early days of the epidemic, some people had panic because of the spread of the virus. In Lao Ma's Weibo post on January 31, he tried to appease people's emotions: "We are always passive in the face of the unknown. Please don't worry too much We need more love. At this time, we must stick to our beliefs and believe that the result must be good." This Weibo has been at the top of Laoma's Weibo for a long time since.

The long-posted microblog of Marbury was posted in the early hours of January 31, just in a period when China's defense epidemic was under heavy pressure. Weibo screenshot

  "China let me see the highest level of teamwork, which is a victory for all mankind! I hope all countries can follow suit and work hard to save every life infected by the virus." With the Chinese people facing the epidemic together, it seems that Lao Ma He has deepened his understanding of Chinese society, and his statement on many occasions just confirms this.

Data Map: On March 30, 2012, Beijing Jinyu defeated Guangdong Hongyuan to win the CBA championship trophy. The picture shows the Beijing team celebrating the championship, Marbury burst into tears. Photo by Alexander wang

  He said, "China has given me strength and courage. When I needed it most, it was China that helped me." He also said, "China is very good at fighting the epidemic, and the government has helped everyone, making an impression. Profound. This shows us how to fight the epidemic quickly and responsibly. When China does what it says, it shows a love for the people."

Data map: On the evening of February 9, 2018, after the last round of the home game of the CBA regular season Beijiang and Jiangsu, legendary star Marbury officially announced his retirement. The picture shows Marbury kissing the stadium affectionately. China News reporter Tian Bochuan

  In the ten years since he came to China, Marbury has turned from a stranger in a foreign country to a real Beijinger. After getting the "Chinese Green Card" "Permanent Residence Permit for Foreigners", his personal habits began to be orientalized, especially in terms of diet. In the first half of the year, he also had a hot pot appointment with Zhang Weili online.

Information Figure: On April 1, 2014, the 2013-14 season CBA league champion Beijing Jinyu held a fan meeting, and the team members all came to thank the fans. The picture shows Marbury was "beared and kissed" by "aunt" fans. Image source: Osports All Sports Pictures

  In China, which is located in the east of the world, the old horse is saying, "Love is love." This love now seems to have surpassed the North Control, CBA, and even basketball. This love reflects him. A sincere heart for the second hometown. (Author Wang Sishuo)