Guangzhou Evergrande Club Stadium. Image source: Official Weibo of Guangzhou Evergrande Club

  China News Service, July 4 (Xinhua) According to official news from Guangzhou Evergrande Club, the architectural design plan of Evergrande Football Stadium has recently been unanimously approved by the Regional Planning and Urban Design Professional Committee of the Guangzhou City Planning Commission.

  It is reported that the stadium renderings previously announced by Evergrande are only light show concept plans, and the plan released this time is the true "face value" of the stadium. The design concept for this release came from the "Bandian Lotus", which means the Chinese traditional cultural character of "noble, tenacious and united" and the beautiful vision of "the lotus blooms and wins the laurel crown".

Guangzhou Evergrande Club Stadium. Image source: Official Weibo of Guangzhou Evergrande Club

  The construction area of ​​Guangzhou Evergrande Football Stadium is about 300,000 square meters, which can accommodate 100,000 people to watch the game, and it will be built into the world's largest professional football stadium with the largest number of seats. It is reported that the new stadium is scheduled to be completed and put into use by the end of 2022.

  The new plan has a sense of technology and modernity, and can have a lot of imagination space, which can be said to be "Bandian lotus", can also be imagined as "diamond". After the official announcement of the stadium design plan, it not only set off a heated discussion among fans, but also the domestic football fans praised and praised Evergrande's new stadium.

  Peng Weiguo, a famous Chinese football player, said: "Evergrande has built a world-class professional stadium, demonstrating their consistent foresight and execution. In addition to Guangzhou, Evergrande will also build more high-quality professional football pitches, which will further promote the popularity of Chinese football. To create a cultural atmosphere that allows more teenagers to love football!"

  Former international Li Jinyu also said: "Establishing a professional football stadium, Evergrande has made a good start, hoping that there will be more professional stadiums in China to bring better experience to players and fans." (End)