Okazaki's final goal This season's 10th goal Soccer Spain 2nd part Huesca July 3 11:38

Shinji Okazaki of Husca, Spain's second league league soccer team, started the match against Las Palmas at home on the 2nd and scored the goal of 10th goal this season.

Okazaki scored the 10th final goal of the season with heading just before the end of 0-0.

Okazaki played until the 23rd minute of the second half, and the team won 1-0 and emerged to the tentative second place.

Also, in the first round of the replacement game between the 1st division and the 2nd division of Germany, Bremen, who is in the 16th division of the 1st division, to which Yuya Ohsako belongs, played a match against Heidenheim in the 3rd division of the 2nd division at home to draw 0-0. It was.

Osako, who showed two goals in the final section of the first division, played in the starting lineup and played until the 39th minute of the second half, but was unable to score a goal.

Round 2 will be held on the 6th of this month and on the 7th of Japan time.