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The first time that Yannick Carrasco (Ixelles, 1993) spoke with Diego Pablo Simeone was in July 2015. That night, four years ago, next to the Montecarlo port, the Belgian player, who stood out in Monaco, began to have doubts before the possibility of leaving for Madrid. He shared a table and tablecloth in a luxurious restaurant with Vadim Vasilyev , executive director of the Principality club, and with Miguel Ángel Gil , CEO of Atlético, who took out his cell phone, dialed the Argentine coach's number and put it on Carrasco's ear . The talk must have fascinated him so much that, days later, he was training in Madrid, after paying 18 million.

The last time the two spoke, before he packed up for China, persuasion was not enough for the millionaire offer coming from China. The millions of Dalian Yifang dazzled the Belgian, who needed to escape from a locker room where the capos looked at him askance, after the odd gesture of immaturity (read, for example, the slow-motion exit before the Qarabag). "The money clouded his view," they still remember in the club's offices. So, for a year and a half, Simeone lost one of the most lopsided players that has passed through his hands.

«It is much finer and more vertical. Little by little he is returning to his best version, that of the first stage ”, his coach praised him, at midnight on Tuesday, sitting on the silent lectern of the Camp Nou . It was already July 1. Under normal circumstances, his assignment, agreed in January until June 30, would have expired. But both the coaching staff and Yannick himself pushed to continue having until the end of LaLiga one of the best bullets that Simeone keeps today in his large cartridge case (always with permission from Marcos Llorente , of course).

Not a minute against Liverpool

Carrasco had embroidered it against Barcelona, ​​destroying Piqué's waist and starting two penalties with which Atlético could go home with a point. Few have felt as good as he did the obligatory break due to the coronavirus crisis. Because until that interruption in March, he had barely had five moments for a total of 155 minutes . The tie against Liverpool was lived in full from the bench. There was nothing to suspect that the club might have the slightest interest in tying him up.

However, his life has changed (and a lot) since that night at Anfield. He has not lost a single second during the quarantine, aware that his options to stay in Madrid were to recover that overflow and speed point that made him one of Cholo's untouchables. This was Carrasco in that "first stage" that led the Argentine coach to give the go-ahead in January to an operation that took everyone by surprise. Faced with goal problems and injuries, the arrival of Edinson Cavani was taken for granted and he ended up reappearing, as if nothing had happened since the day he took a plane to China. So he put money before football and forgot everything he had inside.

Purchase option

Yannick has had no problem rolling up his sleeves, because he had done it before. And it was not difficult for him to internalize Simeone's speech, because he was known by heart, despite time and distance. "Now he looks more focused and mature," they say from the heart of the red and white entity. And that is shaping it on the grass.

In the six games of this LaLiga restart , he has 272 minutes , has caused two goals and scored another, 0-5 against Osasuna. Although nothing like his night at the Camp Nou. There he cleared all doubts and convinced that this purchase option is necessary today. On his legs Atlético runs to the Champions square.

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