At 8am this morning, Lisa Ring started her record hunt on the treadmill. In six hours she would run as far as she could and the goal was to set the world record 70.98 kilometers.

- I ran 78-79 kilometers when I won 100 gold last 100 kilometers last summer and when I found this world record I felt “shit, this I can beat and have beaten outdoors”, says Lisa Ring to SVT Sport.

Several witnesses were present

Six hours later, Ring was a new world record holder after running 73.8 kilometers during the six hours on the treadmill. Several witnesses were included during Ring's record hunt, which is documented and will soon be submitted to "Record holders".

- I beat the world record quite easily but above all there was definitely more to give. I am so very happy and felt happy and happy. I didn't think it would work out that well.

"One foot doesn't feel so good"

The 27-year-old won the SM gold at 100 kilometers last summer and represented Sweden in the World Championships in the 2017 marathon, but has never before run so far on a treadmill.

- I had run 26 kilometers on treadmills before and that is not far in comparison with this. Now I am embarrassed to beat the world record of 100 kilometers as well.

How is your body doing now?

- I get up on my legs now but they will probably swell a little. Immediately after I finished, I did not feel extremely worn out, but it was more that I had a lack of salt and fluid and pain in my feet. One foot does not feel so good, there is a lot of blood clots and such.

- Last time I ran ten miles it took four to five days before I got back into circulation and my body starts to understand what it has been through.

Ring would have participated at the SM this summer as well as the Stockholm Marathon but everything is canceled due to the pandemic.

- I did this to keep the motivation up and to inspire Sports Sweden that you can continue to challenge.

ARCHIVE: SVT meets Lisa Ring

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From the archive: SVT meets Lisa Ring Photo: Per Larsson