It wasn't once or twice that this physical violence problem broke out. Authorities were urgently prescribed each time, but to no avail.

Reporter Kwon Jong-oh reports why the violence in sports is constantly repeated.

<Reporter> When the

suspicion of sexual assault was reported by coach Cho Jae-beom, a short track that shocked the people in January of last year, the President of the Korea Sports Association promised.

[Lee Ki-heung / President of the Korean Sports Association (January last year): Leaders will dominate the future of athletes and eradicate them through weapons and conduct unfair acts.]

But that was all right.

Choi Choi Sook-hyun still suffered harsh behavior after the president's resolution to eradicate violence and made an extreme choice.

The main reasons violence is not eradicated are sexual supremacy and submissive culture.

In sports, national constitutional training guidelines, like the Constitution, state that athletes must obey the leader's instructions and orders.

The procrastination of the sports world and the wrapping up of my family against human rights abuses are also a problem.

[Lee Yong/Future United Party Member: Reported assault and aggression to the Sports Human Rights Center of the Korea Sports Association and encouraged investigation, but it took only a long time, and the Gyeongbuk Sports Association rather tried to end the agreement with the late Choi Sook-hyun's father and end the case. I did.]

The Korea Sports Association has replaced the human rights officers of athletes seven times over the past six years, degrading their professionalism and responsibility.

There is also insufficient institutional arrangements to protect the victims.

A human rights counseling center was established in the Jincheon Athletes' Village after the coach Jae-beom Cho, but it is only available to active national representatives.

In addition, the Sports Human Rights Center under the Sports Association is only in one place in Seoul, so if a disaster occurs in a distant area, it cannot be promptly addressed.

Indeed, the Human Rights Center was unable to prevent criticism of lack of active action because it did not prevent a sad death even after a phone call with Choi Choi Suk-hyun until one day of extreme choice.

(Video Editing: Kim Byung-Jik) 

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