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A couple of years ago, when Antoine Griezmann was in the midst of his first existential crisis in Madrid, Diego Pablo Simeone got into the car with Diego Godín , then captain of Atlético and intimate with the French player, and showed up without warning at the home of Antoine, to persuade him to stay by his side and forget about Barcelona's offer. He did so and endured one more year in the Metropolitan. There were five intense seasons shared by the striker and the coach, who modeled his student until he found that 'top' player who was convinced that he was hiding within his small silhouette, since he took his eye when he excelled in the Real Sociedad, as a band player.

Simeone was hurt when Griezmann, a little over a year ago (May 2019), released that, this time, he was leaving for Barcelona. And, in a way, it bothered him to see the Frenchman waiting in the Camp Nou band, as a simple substitute, to join the game in added time. "Without words," replied the Argentine coach when asked about the residual role of who was his flag not so long ago. The boy he transformed now sails wistfully and aimlessly. Because few know Antoine better than he does. The relationship between the two goes beyond the professional.

"I have to speak to Griezmann. I understand that he may feel bad," Quique Setién admitted . Since his arrival to replace Ernesto Valverde , the Frenchman has only scored one goal in LaLiga, three in the Cup and one in the Champions League, for a total of 14 throughout the season. Of course, with these numbers today he would be Atlético's top scorer, since Álvaro Morata , who heads the list, has 13 in total. "To Griezmann I see him well. The problem is that not everyone can play and you have to decide for some. You always think that at a certain moment he can do something," Setien concluded.

The hug with the Monkey Burgos

From the moment he clashed Arturo Vidal's hands until Hernández Hernández signaled the end of the game, he had a few minutes where he barely saw the ball. Running around among many of those colleagues who always looked for him in Atlético to find a solution. Sharing a small piece of time with Joao Félix , the boy who came to try to be like him. And both the Portuguese and the Cholo are still in it, who could not believe that Griezmann walked between crumbs and had no place in a combat so relevant to his team. In Barça's last two games, he hasn't played a quarter of an hour. In Madrid he was taller, more handsome and smelled much better.

And all, curiously, the same day that Arda Turan (33 years old), another of those who was an icon in Simeone's army, was left without a contract after a few years of silence in Turkey. Barcelona did not sit well with the Turk either. In front of the cameras, Griezmann took the ever sincere hug from Mono Burgos . He still has five league games and at least one more in the Champions League (on the second leg, against Naples). Surely last night, from that cell that was the Camp Nou gang, he remembered that one day, not so long ago, everyone was looking at him.

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