Last weekend, in the professional baseball game, "Son-cheol Lee's son of commentator" Samsung Lee Sung-gon was the topic, but I heard the honest story of Sung-gon Lee, who emerged as a surprise star after two years in his 2nd group.

Reporter Sunghoon Lee.

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the first home run he made in his seventh year of debut to the first four hitters in his life, Lee Seong-gon's last weekend still feels like a dream.

[Lee Sung-gon/Samsung Infielder (Interview with SBS YouTube'I live in baseball'): Was this a dream yesterday... Teammates pinched the ball and hit one by one. 'I think I'm crazy' and... .]

Lee Sung-gon, who joined Doosan in 2014, was a slugger who crushed the stage of the 2nd Army, but seldom took the opportunity of the 1st Army.

It was the same after moving to Samsung in 2018.

[Lee Soon-cheol/SBS Commentator: The batter has completely lost confidence... Sung-gon Lee is all late.]

Commentator's father felt bitter.

[Lee Sung-gon/Samsung Infielder (Interview with SBS YouTube'Live on Baseball'): With only 1% of my father's sensibility, 100% of commentators will reveal the weaknesses of the players... I think I was really sad at that time.] After

spending 6 years in the 2nd Army, Sung-gon Lee prepared for retirement this season and took on the final challenge.

[Lee Sung-gon/Samsung Infielder (Interview with SBS YouTube'Lives in Baseball'): So far, this seems to have demonstrated all my abilities. I don't think it's possible anymore... .]

When I emptied my heart, the opportunity came like a lie.

[Lee Sung-gon/Samsung Infielder (Interview with SBS YouTube'Live on Baseball'): Think of it as a bonus in my life. I enjoyed it more fun, but I thought I was going to try harder, and I was ready for it.]

Sung-gon Lee, who started writing anti-war dramas at the retirement stage, says he will know the'pro taste' now.

[Lee Sung-gon/Samsung Infielder (Interview with SBS YouTube'I live in baseball') I did well for a few days, but the baseball fans were having fun. Isn't that what a professional baseball player should do? We will try to play baseball fans' favorite games in the future.]

(Video Editing: Woo Gi-jung)