Khabib Nurmagomedov still does not know exactly when he will have to fight in defense of the title in a duel with American Justin Gatji, and many are already interested in what he will do after. There is no exact answer to this question yet, although several eminent representatives of the Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC) immediately declared their desire to measure their strength with the Russian and take away his title of the best lightweight fighter. Among them again appears the Canadian Georges Saint-Pierre.

Russian coach Javier Mendes claims that Nurmagomedov himself wants to fight the promotion legend, and his father is not against organizing the fight, but the problem is too much difference in weight, which will be difficult to level. According to the expert, the likelihood that the parties will succeed in shaking hands remains, and if this happens, the fight can go down in history as one of the best.

At the same time, many hope for the resumption of one of the most vivid confrontations in the UFC - between Nurmagomedov and Irishman Conor McGregor, who announced his retirement in early June. The benefits that a possible revenge can bring are also recognized in the team of the current champion.

“The idea of ​​the second battle is gigantic revenues from paid broadcasts, everyone will watch it, especially after the past story. Conor may want revenge, but Habib may not go for it. He is not interested in money, but in the legacy, ”Mendes TASS quotes.

Nurmagomedov Jr. is definitely not worth worrying about his financial situation. His manager Ali Abdel-Aziz denied the information appeared in the media, according to which the Russian receives $ 78 thousand for one public speech. According to him, this amount is at least $ 300 thousand per day.

While the virtual rivalry between the principal rivals came to naught, the former cousin of the Russian Abubakar Nurmagomedov decided to cheat on the UFC feather and lightweight champion. He published a photo in which Khabib uses pain against an opponent, and joked that this is how a person with a coronavirus feels.

In response, McGregor recalled that Nurmagomedov Sr. is currently struggling with this disease himself, and also suggested that the ailment is just an excuse for the Russian team not to conduct fights. Abubakar retorted with a sharp new comment: “Eagles do not sit in a cage, but this does not concern chickens.” However, subsequently deleted both posts.

The representative of the welterweight division Jorge Masvidal declared his readiness to meet with Nurmagomedov. He paid tribute to the Russian and noted that he was ready to go on weight loss for the sake of such a fight. At the same time, the American stressed that for this he needs a favorable financial proposal from the UFC.

As for Nurmagomedov himself, he continues to prepare for the third defense of the championship belt. At the moment, the exact time and place of the battle with Gatja is unknown, but it is assumed that it will be held as part of the UFC 253 tournament in Abu Dhabi on September 19.

The fighter is still with the team in his native Dagestan and regularly shares his training routines with subscribers. So, he said that he focuses on the fight and spar with his UFC colleague Zubaira Tukhugov, whose fight is expected to take place also in September.

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Nurmagomedov does not forget about his other opponents. On June 27, Dustin Porrier defeated Dan Hooker at a tournament in Las Vegas in a tough match. The Russian celebrated a spectacular battle and congratulated the American on his victory.

Shortly before his defeat, Hooker made a prediction on the outcome of the meeting between Nrumagomedov and Gatzhi. He said that the interim lightweight champion is a favorite in the battle with the Russian.

“I'm definitely interested in this fight. Gatji has just that skill set that can give Khabib difficulties. He is a very strong fighter, who not only knows how to defend himself in the fight, but is also strong in the stance, therefore he can cause serious damage. Superb endurance will help him last five rounds ... Justin will definitely be the hardest test for Nurmagomedov. In this fight, I am more inclined to the side of Gatzhi ", - quotes the words of Hooker MMA Fighting.

The UFC Russian-language press service resolved the dispute between Nurmagomedov and former fighter Oleg Taktarov. For a long time, a conflict developed between them over who is the first Russian champion. The calendar published by the Russian-speaking promotion press service put everything in its place.

It explains that Taktarov is the triumph of the Grand Prix, and the victory of Nurmagomedov over Al Yakvinta in 2018 made him the first domestic UFC champion.

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Habib will still have time to increase his legacy, especially, according to Mendes, he does not think about ending his career yet.

“If you have no desire to win, then you can lose. This applies to all fighters. But Khabib has everything in order with this, he still wants to leave the battle as a winner, to continue to fight. There are many fighters who can compete with him, these are the top 10 or top 15 of the UFC. Islam Makhachev will soon show the same results, in the future he may take his place, ”the trainer said.