China News Service, June 30th, Beijing time 29th, ITTF announced that Liu Guoliang, chairman of the China Table Tennis Association, will serve as the chairman of the WTT World Table Tennis Professional League Council. Subsequently, the president and vice president of the Japan Table Tennis Association also sent a congratulatory message as soon as possible, and said Liu Guoliang was the only candidate for the position.

Japanese media report screenshot

  The Japan Table Tennis Association said that the Major League of Table Tennis Professionals will start sailing in 2021, which requires the support of experienced table tennis players and national associations. Liu Guoliang is definitely the best candidate for this position. Japan will fully support the Major League of Professionals and Chairman Liu Guoliang .

  The Japan Table Tennis Association wrote in the congratulatory letter: "We are very confident and look forward to the WTT World Table Tennis Professional League under your leadership and all the new weather, bringing our sports to a whole new stage."

  It is reported that the WTT Council led by Liu Guoliang will be composed of the main players in the world table tennis, including but not limited to: retired and active players, important contributors to the world table tennis, event organizers and ITTF personnel. The WTT Council will be the representative and leading body of WTT for the public and the market in the future. It represents the views of all major world table tennis participants and ensures that everyone’s voice can be heard, and everyone strives together for a common goal. (Finish)