Henrik Ingebrigtsen, who with his 29 years is the oldest of the Ingebrigtsen brothers, thinks he would not have been ready to deliver in the first race of the season if it had become a regular season.

- When I saw where it went, I was a little relieved. I knew I wasn't really where I wanted to be and I hadn't done all the training I wanted to do. It is much better to get into a season with the training you want, he tells NRK.

He also believes that the Tokyo Olympics have been moved to 2021 to benefit him.

- I might be a little more optimistic now. If I can get continuity in training at home, I have a hundred percent belief that I should maintain a level that allows me to fight for medals there, says Ingebrigtsen.

CLIP: Here, Johaug passes the World Cup qualifying limit and screams out his joy

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Johaug cheered after the race. Photo: TT News Agency / Mobile SVT