The Hall State Test is a legendary fitness test among cross-country skiers. The challenge is a maximum run of 1800 meters with 210 height meters straight up the Hallstabacken in Sollefteå.

The former record holder on the women's side is Frida Karlsson's national team colleague Ebba Andersson. But now Andersson's time of 8.56 is erased.

“Holds on to the traditions with Hallstatest! And now the record is mine, ”Frida Karlsson writes to an image on Instagram where she poses with clubmate Jenny Solin - who also struck with a new personal record.

Sollefteå municipality writes on Facebook that the times will not be official, but it is reported that the record must have been beaten by a good margin.

- It's impressive, says Ebba Andersson's father and coach PO Andersson to SVT Sport.

On the men's side, Dan Marsh has the record of 7.50.

Here Frida Karlsson relaxes with golf (7/6 2020)

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Frida Karlsson relaxes with golf: "Now I will get lots of technology tips"