After almost four months of delay due to the corona crisis, the Formula 1 season 2020 will finally start on Sunday. In a triptych we list how the teams are doing. Starting with Alfa Romeo, Williams and Haas, who should fear a role in the rear. This way you are ready for the new season and optimally prepared for the NUsport GP game.

Williams: Every point is celebrated as a win

Relatively speaking, Williams had the best winter. After a disastrous 2019, in which the former top team did not play any role, the preparation went well now. The car was finished on time and functioned properly, except for some problems with the Mercedes engine.

It was then revealed that there are major financial problems with the Claire Williams team, which has expressed its openness to a partial sale of the racing stable founded by her father. Main sponsor ROKiT left and the car has recently been given a new color scheme.

For George Russell and newcomer Nicholas Latifi, the FW43 is likely to be just a fight at the back, with Haas and Alfa Romeo. Williams will have used the nearly four-month hiatus to try to make up for the development and spare parts backlog.

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The new colors of Williams after the departure of sponsor Rokit (Photo: Williams)

Alfa Romeo: still suffering from years with a small budget

Alfa Romeo also has to fear a battle in the rear, especially because the team of Kimi Räikkönen and Antonio Giovinazzi did not have a good winter. There were some fast lap times, but that was only an appearance. The real pace of the C39 during the winter tests was not encouraging.

Alfa Romeo had a car in 2019 that regularly took points, but now it becomes important to keep Haas and Williams away. The Swiss formation still suffers from the years it ran with a small budget. For example, a serious simulator has only recently been installed in the factory. One advantage: of the three likely rearguard teams, Alfa Romeo does have the best development potential.

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Kimi Raikkonen in the Alfa Romeo (Picture: Pro Shots)

Hare: clearing debris instead of developing

For Haas, 2019 was all about solving an aerodynamic problem, with poor results as a result. Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen simply experienced a disaster season, which may well have an impact on 2020.

The American racing stable had a rear wing that regularly stopped functioning, something that had to be resolved at all costs. That worked, the team said after the winter test. But a technical department that is not developing, but is mainly busy with clearing rubble; that cannot be good if a new car is to be built. The question is to what extent the team has been able to use the past months to start a decent development process.

Either way, Haas is a big contender for the back row. While results are necessary to entice owner Gene Haas to stay longer in the royal class.

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Kevin Magnussen in the Hare (Picture: Pro Shots)

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