The reigning speedway champions The Blacksmiths have declared that they will be over the coming season, which begins on August 11.

The message could lead to the club's main sponsor Eskilstuna municipality stopping payments to the club, Eskilstuna-Kuriren writes.

The decision not to drive is criticized politically and the question of how the municipality should do has been raised to the highest level of officials.

- It's tax money we send to the clubs and when they do their job it strengthens the Eskilstuna brand. I have no views on the smiths making such a decision, it must stand for the club. However, I do not see any reason to sponsor the club, provided we do not get anything back, says Moderates group leader Jari Puustinen.

Through the municipal group, the city's four largest clubs - the handball team Guif, the football teams Eskilstuna United and AFC and the Smeds - are sponsored with SEK 900,000 each per year.

The amount is paid monthly and during 2020, the smiths have already received SEK 450,000.

City Mayor Tommy Malm tells Eskilstuna-Kuriren that a possible decision on whether money will be paid out or possibly demanded back may come early August.