“Shake should benefit CSKA”

The changes on the coaching bridge should positively affect the psychological mood of CSKA in the match against Spartak, says Dmitry Galyamin, a former army player and a red-white pupil. At the same time, he noted that the wards of Domenico Tedesco are now much better prepared for the derby than their rivals.

- Do you agree that it will be difficult for CSKA to be called the favorite of the upcoming match with Spartak?

- Yes, due to what is happening inside the army team. They inexpressively held the first two matches after the pandemic. At the moment, Spartak looks more interesting. He is physically better prepared than CSKA, that's for sure. In addition, red and blue are experiencing serious problems with the composition.

- CSKA has a short bench, barely recruiting five players to replace. In addition, Yaka Bijol is disqualified. What kind of football in this regard can be expected from the army?

- They always had this principle of composition formation - a short bench of 12-14 strong top-level players and five to six young ones. Another question is that there are no these 12-14 strong players, with rare exceptions. All the rest are young people who still need to gain experience and skill. Not from a good life the team reached such a situation, but in general I do not see a disaster. Maybe it will be hard in this game, it will be hard until the end of the season, but CSKA is the youngest team in the RPL, so the future lies with it.

- If the red-blue will play the second number, then will “Spartak” be able to open the defense of the army? In the last game with Ufa, he did not succeed ...

- Spartak, under the current coach, likes to play second number and run in a counterattack. I think that CSKA will build the game in this way, so we'll see which one it takes. Spartak plays in an atypical manner, for many years its football was built on dominance and possession of the ball. With Domenico Tedesco, the team counterattacks better. Tactically, the match will be very interesting.

- How will the return of Viktor Goncharenko affect the state of CSKA?

- The level of readiness will not affect in any way, the skill will also not change in three days. Most likely, this will somehow shake up the team and then, purely psychologically, it should have a positive effect.

- In the first round, Spartak was not a favorite, but managed to win. Now CSKA will be able to answer the same?

- I think that teams have equal chances of success. If in recent years, CSKA has always been ranked among the favorites, but now this can not be done. I think that the shake-up that the head coach will arrange should be beneficial. But Spartak is simply better prepared. Let's see what turns out to be more important.

“Both sides will not play defense and will go on the attack”

For the ex-player of CSKA and Spartak Valery Masalitin, it remains a mystery how the army team will react to the return of Viktor Goncharenko to the team and what result this will bring in the derby. At the same time, he is sure that there can be no favorite in such status matches, and everything can decide the correct mood for the game.

- Judging by the last two rounds, Spartak looks much preferable to CSKA. Do you agree with that?

- There is never a favorite in derby. Yes, on paper before the game, Spartak may be a favorite, but in this match, any episode can turn everything upside down. One unbeaten or illogical ball, the teams will open, and the game will turn out differently. In general, everything is decided by a moral-volitional attitude. No one wants to lose in a derby.

- That is, it is possible to repeat the scenario of the first round match, when the army team were favorites, but lost?

- Yes, Spartak was also in a fever at that moment, and CSKA was balanced. Now everything has changed. Comparisons are possible, but most importantly, what will happen in the game itself. It is interesting how the return of Goncharenko will affect what today's army men are capable of, how they are able to rebuild. I will watch the match with interest.

- The departure and return of Goncharenko can adversely affect the result of the derby?

- CSKA did not have a game with Zenit, and because of this, a showdown began, the coach wrote a letter of resignation, Sergey Ovchinnikov prepared the team for a meeting with Dynamo and even achieved a more or less positive result, and then Goncharenko returned. It is generally not clear how to relate to him now - in the old way or in a new way. I want to see how the guys will react to this. Indeed, neither Giner came out of the camp of CSKA, nor Goncharenko himself, the players did not support him somehow. Fans worry and are at a loss, what was it? Why did a person go to another state and then start training? Goncharenko did not go to quarantine, and what if he picked up something and infected the team? Now the situation in the army camp raises more questions than answers.

- CSKA has very few players in the cage, in addition, Yaka Biyol will not play. Is this good news for Spartak?

- Well, of course. Take, for example, Zenith. He has a good game and he also has a bench with qualified football players who can go out and turn the tide of the game. At least they will not weaken the composition. Other teams have a clear gap, while in Germany and England, after five substitutions, the game does not change at all. For CSKA, the lack of players can come to the fore, because the army team has no one to let out to turn the tide of the game.

- Will Spartak manage to play the first number if CSKA gives the initiative on its own?

“Red-blue ones are not used to putting a bus either.” They cannot play counterattacks, judging by what I saw. CSKA used to play positionally, but, unfortunately, they do not crack the defense. Yes, they own the ball, pass the ball, but they are not ahead of the action. Tedesco is also used to playing counterattacks, which works very well. Such a game brings results. Both sides will not play defense and will go on the attack. Usually in a derby they are careful until the first ball, and then they open up and show a sharp attacking football. The faster someone scores, the better the fans will be.

“CSKA is super motivated after the unsuccessful resumption of the season”

Ex-player of Spartak Viktor Bulatov prefers his former derby team. But at the same time, he noted that the counter-attacks of CSKA could be a problem for the red and white, who have few opportunities in the arsenal to play in a positional attack.

- Can Spartak be considered the favorite in the match against CSKA, judging by the condition of the teams in the first two rounds?

- Spartak has more chances to win, of course. First of all, because he simply has better players, their average level is higher than that of the army team. This will be one of the decisive factors. But the victory of Spartak is in any case not guaranteed. CSKA will fight, he is super motivated after the unsuccessful resumption of the season. But I give preference to Spartak because of its individual skill.

- What then should the owners of the derby to beat the red and white?

- CSKA will have the only chance to win if it plays from defense. Army counterattacks could be a problem for Spartak. In my opinion, this is a clear tactic for the red-blue.

- Is it possible to expect the first number from Spartak? Will this be an additional help for him?

- Tedesco wards are not strong in positional play. The only thing they can do is cast on the textured Alexander Sobolev and play with his head, discounts and rebounds. CSKA can resist this, since Spartak itself is not strong in such a game.

- How will the departure and subsequent return of Goncharenko affect the army team?

- Coaching leapfrog has not yet benefited any team. In any case, this will not benefit, it will be either bad or very bad. Bad - if the team has a more or less good attitude towards Goncharenko, very bad - if there is no longer contact with the team. This is a stressful moment for the club.