Arjen Robben has a special arrangement in his contract with FC Groningen. The 36-year-old attacker, who wants to continue his career a year after his retirement from Bayern Munich, will not receive a salary if he is injured.

"Arjen has a fixed salary and when he is injured, we do not have to pay him," says technical director Mark-Jan Fledderus about the routine, who had a lot of injuries in the past. For example, in his last season with Bayern, he only played twelve Bundesliga games.

There is another exception in Robben's one-year contract. "Arjen can pull the plug himself if he doesn't feel well or if something happens," explains Fledderus.

On Sunday during the press conference, Robben emphasized again that it is not entirely sure that he is making his comeback. "To avoid disappointment with everyone: it can vary from zero to a lot of games. But I am positive," said Robben.


Robben about comeback: 'I do this purely out of club love'

"The club will be more interesting"

Both Robben and the Groningen club management do not make any statements about the amount of the salary. "That is not important at all," said Robben. "Negotiations went very quickly and both parties are happy. It's all right."

Fledderus also says that money is not a motive for Robben. "His father Hans Robben, who is his agent, has been thinking along with us. That was fantastic. We really noticed that Robben is returning to help the club and not to take a financial hit."

According to Fledderus, the arrival of Robben FC Groningen will do better financially earlier. "As long as Arjen is here as a footballer, the club will be more interesting on all sides. In a match like FC Groningen-Vitesse, people will normally zap away, but with Robben there you want to see it."

"That also applies to the stadium visit. I can imagine that you would like to see Robben in action for Groningen, even if you live on the other side of the country."


Arjen Robben announces return to FC Groningen

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