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There is the European area that no one can recognize. Not at least with the pre- pandemic classification in hand. Is the Athletic and comfortably seated in Champions when sniffing before the disaster. Is the Sevilla hesitantly and with Villarreal , as a 'sputnik' from ninth place, and putting nerves in the race for fourth place. And, behind, three teams that barely recognize themselves in the mirror. The Valencia was left without a coach Monday without sporting director More words. And the other two, Getafe and Real Sociedad, met at the Coliseumin the duel of panic to settle which of his two crises is deeper. After 2-1, it turned out to be that of the people of Donostia.

It was Jaime Mata , with two goals, who was in charge of giving Getafe their first victory after the resumption of the League. One of them with controversy, because the Real protested with arguments the penalty that allowed the azulones to get ahead on the scoreboard. But this Real, very reluctantly, grows dwarfs and finds no way to raise his head. There are already five games played in this section of the League in which only one point has started, in the rerun against Osasuna . Since then, Alavés, Madrid, Celta and this Monday Getafe have been leading them to a cataract of defeats that seems to have no end.

After four games, Sheriff had finished assuming that, for whatever reasons, the same recipe from the entire season has stopped serving him to win games. So in Getafe he decided to reinvent himself, sacrificing a dull Odegaard to build a defense of three centrals, among them the young Jon Pacheco , debut in the first team. One could see in this change an attempt to offer more passing alternatives at the birth of the play given the high pressure that Getafe always carries out, again with Hugo Duro as Mata's companion.

The Sheriff's board, however, broke into a thousand pieces within 20 minutes. Cucurella tightened Remiro's nuts to the maximum, the goalkeeper was wrong in the pass and Le Normand , trying to correct the delicate situation, committed a penalty on Duro. It was Donostiarras' seventh penalty in the last seven games, a figure that sums up their recent streak. Mata transformed a maximum penalty much protested by the Royal. Even through his social networks, where he published a 'frame' of the play in which Duro is seen stepping on the foot of Le Normand: "A VAR what do you think ..." .

Right or not, the penalty put the game very uphill to a Real who could not find comfort with her new drawing. When she managed to overcome the midfield with the controlled ball, she found a gap in the playmaker that prevented her from continuing the plays. Mikel Merino tried to fill the gaps that his team was generating, but the man did not reach everything. It was not possible to do it. So the first half ended without Getafe feeling or tickling.

As the minutes went by, however, the Real grew. Januzaj and Oyarzabal disengaged themselves from their theoretical positions on the sides and began to move freely throughout the attack front, thus making it difficult to monitor the Azulona defense. Until, in the 55th minute, a pass from the Eibarrés left the Belgian against Soria to beat him in the heads-up. The offside indicated in the first instance by the assistant did not exist by millimeters, so the VAR gave validity to the fact that it was a tie at the Coliseum.

Isak had it immediately, with Getafe accusing the passage of minutes and the blow that was the goal of Januzaj. But ownership of the party was shared, giving the feeling that the winning goal could fall from anywhere. And finally Mata marked it, in a play of pure mischief. Jorge Molina rushed to take the band, his partner pointed out the uncheck and put the ball between the legs of a Remiro who definitely did not have his night. Real could do nothing to avoid a new defeat that, excited as it was in the Champions League, already leaves him half-stumbled to stay out of the Europa League.

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