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With the letter of dismissal still hot on the table, a repeated genius envelops him in the nostalgia of an unrepeatable night, when he signed a huge work. José María Gutiérrez , Guti , looks at Karim Benzema's amazing heel and rejuvenates 10 years. Then, in Riazor, he left a mark for posterity that inspired the Frenchman in the appointment on Sunday against Espanyol. Benzema. Magic, friend. Brutal ”, wrote the former Madrid player on Twitter after the Frenchman's exhibition.

"What I had to say I already said. I've already tweeted, and there you have it. I'm not talking to anyone », clarifies the former Madrid player in a telephone conversation. Of course, it affects that he wants to continue training: "I hope he has offers from Spain and, if they do not come, I do not refuse to go outside."

Rain of praise for Benzema (top scorer in 2010 and now a great assistant) and a must-remember for the Madrid player, who alleviates his disappointment with the Saudi Turki Al-Sheik for his dismissal as coach of Almería with that sequence that catapulted him to one of the points peaks of his career.

On February 1, 2010, a day after his anthology heel and the 1-3 victory against Deportivo, EL MUNDO opened its cover with the photo of the midfielder at home, emulating the unforgettable move. "Hall heel", read the title. He, in a red plaid shirt, jeans and sneakers, explained to Carlos E. Carbajosa that he would do the same in a Champions League final.

"The ball did not bounce well"

"As I entered the area," he said, "I realized that two defenders were coming to block my path and that Dani Aranzubia was taking short steps to cut off the shooting range. During the race I looked askance to check that Benzema was following my move, so I did what I understood at the time was the most useful for it to end in a goal. Karim did it wonderfully. The ball did not bounce well at some points, but he hit it hard and to the right place. Sometimes that play has come out in training ... I don't hit my heels like crazy, what I do is because I think it's the best thing for the team ». A strategic resource that was recorded in the memory of Benzema, who recovered it in Cornellà so that Casemiro could get the party back on track and consolidate the leadership.

The DXT supplement of February 1, 2010.

The Frenchman signed a memorable snapshot that is already in the ranking of the best heels, where there are also the works of art by Alfredo Di Stéfano , Johan Cruyff , Fernando Redondo or Rabah Madjer .

“We know that Benzema is an impressive player. They have been here for 11 years and we enjoy their quality. Every year he improves, he is very old, they are the best years of football. Benzema is a player who invents things. The key was control, the heel and Casemiro, who knows he can get to the ball, but Benzema's pass was great, "said Zinedine Zidane .

For his part, Emilio Butragueño pointed out that it will be one of the great plays of the season. “The heel is an incredible assistance. It is typical of him. We are used to its quality. The assistance has been phenomenal ", Casemiro closed

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