Filippo Inzaghi led Benevento to the championship in the Italian Serie B on Monday and with that promotion to the highest level. The former top striker is only in his first season as trainer of the club from Southern Italy.

Benevento was 1-0 too strong for Juve Stabia at home and saw pursuer Crotone lose points, which means that the club can no longer be traced in the battle for the league title and promotion.

Inzaghi's team is very dominant in Serie B this season; with 76 out of 31 games there is even a record. Number two Crotono follows at no less than 24 points.

46-year-old Inzaghi played as a player for Juventus and AC Milan, among others, and celebrated his biggest successes with the latter club. The scoring striker won two league titles in Milan, twice the Champions League and once the World Cup for clubs.

In 2014 Inzaghi joined Milan to succeed Clarence Seedorf in his coaching career, but he had to leave a year later. In recent years he had Venezia and Bologna under his wing.

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