Formula 1 on Friday released a short statement from statements by Bernie Ecclestone. The former Formula 1 boss made those conscious statements earlier today in an interview with CNN .

"Black people are often more racist than white people," said Ecclestone, 89, among others. When CNN asked about that comment, Ecclestone was unable to give examples, he just said that "he has noticed over the years."

Formula 1 made a statement just hours after the interview was released. "At a time when unity is needed to tackle racism and inequality, we completely disagree with Bernie Ecclestone's statements. These words don't fit into Formula 1 or our society."

Formula 1 further emphasizes that Ecclestone left the organization in 2017 and that his title of emeritus chairman expired in January this year. The royal class of motorsport has launched several initiatives in recent weeks to ensure more diversity.

Ecclestone was president of Formula 1 for nearly forty years, and the Brit has been in the news more often in the past with controversial statements. For example, he said in 2009 that Adolf Hitler was "good at getting things done." With his turbulent private life, he regularly made the press. In July, he and his 44-year-old partner are expecting a baby.

Ecclestone with his partner Fabiana Flosi. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Ecclestone positive about Hamilton

In the CNN interview , Ecclestone also has positive words for Lewis Hamilton. The six-time world champion has emerged in recent weeks as a champion in the fight against racism.

"Lewis is a special boy," said Ecclestone. "First of all, he is a very talented driver. And now he also turns out to be extremely talented when he is standing in front of a group of people and is going to speak."

"His commitment to the Black Lives Matter movement is great," said Ecclestone. "Lewis does an excellent job and people appreciate that. He is someone people love to listen to."