Badminton Momoda First public training session after the accident: Enthusiasm for the Olympics June 26, 17:14

Kento Momota, who is aiming for a full-scale return from a traffic accident during an overseas expedition with a badminton ace, interviewed and said that "I have not changed my feelings for the Olympics at all" for the Tokyo Olympics postponed next year. I talked about my enthusiasm.

In January of this year, Momota suffered a traffic accident in Malaysia, where he was expedition, and is continuing rehabilitation aiming for a full-scale return from poor eyesight due to a fracture of his right eye or floor.

Momota resumed the practice at the end of February, but the Japanese national team is refraining from the activity due to the influence of the new coronavirus, so the team continued to practice, and on the 26th, the state of practice was released for the first time after the accident. ..

After taking a thermometer and disinfecting hands at the entrance of the gymnasium to prevent infection, Momota showed a movement that would not feel the effects of injury when he entered the court, striking the shuttle with his teammates, sometimes smiling. ..

“I can see that there is no problem in playing now. About 98% is the same as before. About the feeling, I should practice 100 days every day. I was able to do it,” and emphasized that the recovery is on track.

In addition, regarding the Tokyo Olympics aiming for a gold medal being postponed for one year, ``To be honest, I was upset, but since people around me continued to worry about my body, I will do my best. My feelings towards the Olympics have not changed at all, so I would like to do my best every day toward the goal of being a gold medal."

Momoda was enthusiastic about "I want to be able to participate in all the matches I can play," although I have no specific plans to participate in the tournament at this point.