, June 25. In the early hours of Beijing time on the 25th, Real Madrid repelled Mallorca at home in the 31st round of La Liga, and returned to the top of the standings after winning 4 league games. Venusius took the lead in controversy and Ramos took the free kick to break the goal.

  In the 6th minute, Benzema received a cross from the left wing. After the penalty spot was stopped in the chest, the shot was blocked by the goalkeeper. Then Bell made a right shot from the right wing and the goalkeeper sealed the bottom line. In the 10th minute, Dani Rodriguez was blocked for a pass, Baba vigorously took a long shot, and Kurtuwa singled the bottom line.

  In the 19th minute, Valverde made a long pass, Modric made a false pass, and Vinicius left the ribs in the penalty area to take a straight shot and calmly shot the goal into the net, 1:0. Away team players protested Carvajal's foul on Dani Rodriguez first. The referee and VAR ignored it, and the penalty was controversial.

  In the 51st minute, Vinicius passed the ball and Benzema volleyed his left foot and was confiscated by the goalkeeper. After 2 minutes, Valverde passed the ball diagonally, Bell volleyed the right rib of the penalty area, the ball hit the opponent's head and the bottom line was ejected. In the 56th minute, Ramos took a free kick in front of the penalty area and took a free kick. The ball went straight to the top left corner of the goal, 2:0. In the end, Real Madrid won at home, overtaking Barcelona to return to the top. (Finish)