Los Angeles Lakers will not have guard Avery Bradley for the remainder of the NBA season. The teammate of star player LeBron James does not want to endanger his family and therefore skips the games in Disney World.

The 6-year-old son of 29-year-old Bradley suffers from breathing problems and is therefore at extra risk. Bradley is the first NBA player to cancel the remaining NBA games.

"As much as I feel connected to the Lakers, I end up playing basketball for my family. So I can't imagine taking risks with my family's health and wellbeing, if only a little bit," he says. against ESPN on Wednesday .

"As promised, I will use in the near future to focus on creating projects that contribute to a closer community."

With the latter, Bradley is referring to a committee he heads with Brooklyn Nets' Kyrie Irving. The committee, together with the NBA and the players' union, is committed to tackling racism at the start of the season.

The NBA continues on July 31 at the Disney World complex, just outside Orlando, Florida. Only the 22 best clubs (nine from the Eastern Conference and thirteen from the Western Conference) will travel to Orlando.