The German Football Association (DFB) wants to end its existing contracts with the marketing agency Infront. The association announced this after a digital conference of its presidium. In May last year, the DFB received information on "possible harmful acts" from the agency. According to the DFB, the results of an investigation by the consulting firm Esecon are now available.

"This has resulted in various actions over the past few years, which the DFB has identified as clear irregularities in connection with the creation and provision of contractual services by Infront, as well as unlawful interference with DFB representatives," said the DFB.

Infront wants to stick to the contract

Infront does not want to accept the termination and announced legal action. "Overall, we look forward to a possible judicial assessment of the matter with serenity and are very confident that the allegation of damaging acts in particular will prove to be unfounded," says a statement by the company. There is no reason to terminate the contract.

Infront denies the effectiveness of the termination, according to its own statements. They will continue to fully fulfill the current contracts with the DFB. Infront also had "considerable doubts about the methods and motives of the Esecon detective agency, on whose interim report the DFB relies on the intended contract termination".

According to media damage of 40 million euros

Until 2018, Infront was commissioned to procure gang advertising partners for games of the national team. According to the investigation report, the company was awarded the contract by the DFB for the business in 2013, although a competitor had offered up to EUR 18 million more. In questionable circumstances, the gang advertising contract for the DFB Cup games 2015, which is still running, went to Infront.

The mirror has estimated the damage for the association up to 40 million euros. According to the Spiegel, the Berlin consultancy firm's confidential report provides evidence of possible corruption in DFB's business with Infront. "Overall, Esecon's previously known allegations and suspicions are not only heavily constructed, but above all are not substantiated," writes Infront. According to Infront, the Esecon report is not yet available.