Corona Era Unusual Season Opening Domestic Women's Golf Chiba Sodegaura June 24 23:15

The women's golf domestic tour, which had been delayed due to the new coronavirus, started on the 25th, marking the opening of an exceptional season for the first time in two years in the history of the tour.

The domestic women's golf tour will start on the 25th in Sodegaura City, Chiba Prefecture, with no spectators, starting three months or more later than the original schedule.

All of the 821 people who entered the venue, including the 144 athletes who participated, were subjected to PCR testing and none were positive by 24th.

The tournament will feature top Japanese players such as Hinako Shibuno, who won the British Women's Open last year, Ai Suzuki, the queen of prize money, and Nasa Hataoka, who ranked 4th in the world ranking.

On the other hand, Shin Ji-e, who competed for the prize queen until the end of last year among the 10 Korean athletes with prize seeds due to the immigration restrictions due to the new coronavirus, and Lee Bomi who has been the prize queen twice in the past. Nine players including players will not participate.

Since domestic tours have been canceled a number of times this year, it will be the first long battle in history with one season until the end of next year, and the next tournament from the first race from 25th will be an unusual schedule of mid August at the earliest. It was.

Following the ``Golden Generation'' born in 1998 such as Shibuno who took part in the tour last year, Ayaka Furue who won the tour last year in amateurs and Yuka Yasuda in the first year of this professional player are two below. It is also noteworthy that the "Platinum generation" will exert its power.