After the World Cup premiere in Ruka, Finland, last year, the national team medical team Frida Karlsson stopped from competing.

- We recently did a health check and Frida does not meet the criteria. From a health perspective, we have to make the decision that she pulls down on everything for a period, national team doctor Magnus Oscarsson told SVT Sport then.

Oscarsson then became one of the key people during Karlsson's fight to get back to the starting line.

- With what happened last season, I've got one of the mainstays in my team around me, and that's the medical team and I'm confident in that. And I have a lot more knowledge now than compared to a year ago, Karlsson has previously told SVT Sport.

But in the new national team organization, the doctor Magnus Oscarsson is not included, as Aftonbladet told in early June.

"I would have liked to have seen Magnus stay," Karlsson now tells Expressen and says she is disappointed with the message.

- It's done. He has been important to me.

What the new medical team will look like in the future is not yet clear. But until then, Karlsson will continue to collaborate with Oscarsson.

- We haven't talked much about it yet. But in the meantime, until we know something more, Magnus will be on one corner anyway.

Here Frida Karlsson relaxes with golf: "Now I will get lots of technology tips" (7/6 - 2020)

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Frida Karlsson relaxes with golf: "Now I will get lots of technology tips"