Lewis Hamilton will set up a committee to investigate how motorsport can offer more opportunities for people with dark skin. It is the next step of the Formula 1 world champion in his fight against racism.

Hamilton, the first and as yet only black driver in Formula 1, has been vocal in the racism debate for weeks and hopes to change something fundamental in motorsport with the so-called Hamilton Commission.

"The committee will investigate how motorsport can be used to involve more young people with a black background in things such as science and technology and ultimately use them in teams or in other sectors," Hamilton said in The Sunday Times .

It examines, among other things, the opportunities that dark-skinned people get in schools, the obstacles they encounter and ways of promoting graduation in technical subjects.

"The time of symbolic gestures is over. I hope the committee makes real, tangible and measurable changes possible," said 35-year-old Hamilton.

"Looking back in twenty years' time, I want to see a sport that gives a shy, black, working-class boy a lot of opportunity and becomes as diverse as the complex and multicultural world we live in."