Data map: May 23, local time, Barcelona, ​​Spain, the Spaniards are preparing for training. According to reports, on the evening of the 23rd, Beijing time, Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez said in a TV address to the Spanish public that the football league can return. The picture shows Wu Lei in training. Image source: Visual China client Beijing, June 19 (Xing Rui) After several months of suspension, the world sports are gradually returning to the lively past. Starting from this week, the "New Weekend Tour Guide" section of the Sports Department of will also be back online and continue to sort out the weekend sports feast for you.

  Although the number of sports events restarted is limited at present, the end of the season in European football and the upcoming return to the CBA league can completely alleviate the loneliness of sports fans without a game to watch.

Data map: On May 6, local time, all members of the Barcelona first team assembled for a new crown test. Messi, Suarez and all teammates drove back to the team. The picture shows Messi driving back to the team.

Top five European leagues

  Last month, the Bundesliga became the first European football league to restart. Since then, La Liga and the Premier League have also started. This Saturday, La Liga leader Barcelona will challenge Sevilla away. Although Barcelona tops the list, it is only 2 points away from Real Madrid, the second-ranked player. On Saturday, in the face of the strong Sevilla, can Messi lead the team to further consolidate the top spot? And can he achieve a great career achievement of 700 goals (Messi has scored 699 goals for Barcelona and Argentina)? All this is undoubtedly worth the fans' expectations.

  In addition, on Saturday night, the Spaniard will host Levante at home, and Chinese player Wu Lei is expected to continue his first game. After the La Liga rematch, the Spaniard defeated Alavis 2:0 first, and then faced with No. 5 Getafe. The team still struggled to get a 0:0 draw in the 16th minute when it was red and was sent off. Get a valuable point.

  However, the Spaniard's current relegation situation is still grim. Fortunately, the team has been in good shape recently, opponent Levante ranked in the middle, Wu Lei and his teammates still have the hope of taking 3 points.

  The following is part of the game time:

  01:00 on the 20th, Premier League round 30 Norwich City-Southampton

  01:30 on the 20th, La Liga 30th round Granada CF-Villarreal

  01:30 20th La Liga Round 30 Mallorca Leganes

03:15 on the 20th, Premier League round 30 Tottenham-Manchester United

20th 04:00 La Liga Round 30 Seville-Barcelona

20:00 on the 20th La Liga 30th round Spaniard-Levante

  00:30, 21st, Premier League Round 30 West Ham Wolves

  01:30 21st, La Liga Round 30 Getafe-Eval

  01:30, 21st Serie A Round 25, Turin Parma

  02:00, 22nd, Premier League Round 30 Everton-Liverpool

Data map: On the evening of January 12, 2020, the 2019-2020 season CBA All-Star Weekend "North-South decisive battle" started in Guangzhou, and the Southern District Star Team defeated the Northern District Star Team 167 to 166. The picture shows Guo Ailun (first left), Jeremy Lin (center), and Xiaochuan Zhai (second right) taking photos on the sidelines. China News Agency reporter Chen Jimin

CBA League

  Beijing time on the 20th, the CBA league, which has been interrupted for more than 100 days, will also meet with fans again. According to the CBA's previous notice on suspending the use of foreign aid, 12 teams, including the Bayi team, will play in the next game with the all-China team.

  On the first match day after the rematch, the traditional CBA teams Guangdong, Xinjiang, Beijing and Liaoning will all debut. The biggest highlight of the first day of the game is undoubtedly the confrontation between the "All-China Class" team and the "Double Foreign Aid" team. Is the "double foreign aid" team better? Can the "All-Chinese Class" win a surprise game? The answer will be revealed in the games between Beijing against Liaoning and Tongxi against Guangsha.

  The following is part of the game time:

11:00 on the 20th CBA regular season Tongxi-Guangsha

  20:15 CBA regular season Qingdao-Xinjiang

20:19 CBA regular season Beijing-Liaoning

  21st 12:00 CBA Regular Season Jilin-Sichuan

  21:15 CBA regular season Zhejiang-Shanghai

21st 20:00 CBA Regular Season North Control-Fujian

Data map: On the evening of January 12, 2020, the "2019-2020 season CBA All-Star Weekend" continued in Guangzhou. In the one-on-one heads-up match, Jeremy Lin and Zhao Rui fought 9 to 9 and shook hands. The picture shows that Jeremy Lin (right) of the North Star team broke through the defense of Zhao Rui, a star player of the South. China News Agency reporter Chen Jimin

LPL Summer

  On June 5, the 2020 LPL (League of Legends Top League in Mainland China) Summer Games officially kicked off, and 17 teams will compete for the Summer Championship. Due to the downward adjustment of this spring’s points, the summer rankings will have a greater impact on the qualification of the Global Finals (S).

  On Saturday, the current number one TES will compete with the number three LGD at the top of the list, with a gap of only one point. Both teams have been in good shape recently, and have not lost since the start of the match. In this game, who will continue the victory, let us wait and see.

  The following is part of the game time:

20th 19:00 LPL Summer Games LGD-TES

  20th 19:00 LCK Summer T1-HLE

  21st 16:00 LCK Summer KT-Gen

21st 19:00 LPL Summer Games IG-EDG (End)