A court in Spain partially successful in FC Barcelona on Friday in a case against former player Neymar. The Brazilian has to pay the club 6.7 million euros.

The dispute involved the signing bonus on Neymar's contract award in 2016, a year before leaving for Paris Saint-Germain.

Neymar believed he was entitled to 43.65 million euros as a signing premium after extending his contract to mid-2021, with an option for an additional year. Since he only served a small part of the contract, the club refused to pay the signing fee.

Barcelona in turn demanded 22 million euros from 28-year-old Neymar for breach of contract. The judge partly agreed with the club and sentenced the footballer to a payment of 6.7 million.

Neymar still has the opportunity to appeal the ruling. Barcelona states in a statement that it will continue to defend itself "firmly".