Beijing Shougang player Jeremy Lin (blue) shakes down former NBA Toronto Raptors teammate Morand (white). Wei Liangshe

  The client of, June 19, 20th, the CBA league that was suspended for more than four months due to the epidemic will restart. Beijing Shougang player Lin Shuhao posted two pictures of the hard work of medical staff on social media. Thanks to the anti-epidemic medical staff . Jeremy Lin also said that the Shougang team will do everything to fight for Beijing.

Screenshot of Jeremy Lin on Weibo.

  Jeremy Lin wrote: "When we were in Qingdao preparing to start this cba season again, I saw the news that was happening and I was very sad." He thanked "all doctors and medical workers who worked tirelessly in this hot weather. "

  The CBA will restart in Qingdao and Dongguan on the 20th, and the Beijing Shougang men's basketball team will be divided into the Qingdao group to play. Jeremy Lin said: "Everyone of our Shougang team will do everything to fight for this city!" (End)