HBC Nantes players rejoice after eliminating PSG in the 2017-2018 Champions League semi-final. - P.Stollarz

She was suspected. HBC Nantes got an invitation Friday for the next Men's Champions League issued by the executive committee of the European Handball Federation (EHF), he announced. The Nantes club, which was second in the classification at the end of March when the French championship was interrupted, will thus join PSG, already qualified as champion of France.

For Nantes, this is the fourth qualification for the European queen test since its creation. The Nantes residents had risen to the final in 2018, the final then won by Montpellier. They had, however, not participated in the competition during the last season.

🙂 Expected, expected or hoped for a few weeks behind the scenes, it's now official: @HBCNantes will find @ ehfcl next season.

Press release 👉 https://t.co/Ujnw2MTWKV#WeHback 😈 pic.twitter.com/QgTyecWPrs

- HBCNantes (@HBCNantes) June 19, 2020

"Write a nice club page"

“Despite the unprecedented circumstances and the premature cessation of the championship, it is legitimately that the HBC Nantes qualifies for the EHF Champions League, welcomes Nantes president, Gaël Pelletier. We are very pleased to find this competition and its new formula, which is none other than the promise of the best on the handball planet, both in sporting terms and in marketing aspects. Once again, our ambition will be to write a beautiful page in the history of the club, full of sporting performances and shared emotions. "

Nantes and Paris will meet their future opponents on July 1, during the group draw.


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