Almost two months after the hospitalization of the father and coach of UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, the first positive news appeared about a significant improvement in his condition. Kamil Gadzhiev, the president of the Fight Nights Global promotion company, confirmed the information that the trainer received the coronavirus treatment in one of the Moscow hospitals finally paid off.

“I think the health status of Abdulmanap is improving. It's a good news. I didn’t hear that he was already getting up and walking, but he definitely came to his senses. This is what I learned from family friends and immediate family. The disease recedes. This is a fact, ”Sport24 quotes Gadzhiev.

The current UFC lightweight champion himself has not yet commented on his father’s condition. However, on the eve of the positive dynamics reported and his coach Javier Mendes. He talked with the ward, who shared the good news with him.

“Three days ago, Habib left a message that his father’s condition is improving, he is recovering. And then we talked with one common acquaintance who said that Abdulmanap was no longer ill with the coronavirus. He had complications from a heart operation that he once underwent. Of course, I worry, I even have tears welling up. I want such a great man to recover, ”quotes Mendes TASS.

Nurmagomedov, 57, was hospitalized in one of the hospitals in Makhachkala in late April. Initially, he was diagnosed with pneumonia, and subsequently a coronavirus test gave a positive result. At that moment he was conscious, nothing portended the deterioration of the situation.

However, in early May, the specialist was delivered to a Moscow clinic. Conflicting rumors were circulating about his health, which Khabib put an end to. He said that his father is in a very serious condition, as the disease gave complications. The fact is that a year ago Nurmagomedov underwent heart surgery. It was also reported that he suffered a stroke and was introduced into an artificial coma. Damage to the lungs was estimated at 75%, in connection with which the doctors were forced to connect it to the ventilator.

At the end of the month, information appeared about improvement, but they were refuted by relatives of Abdulmanap. On the contrary, the coach’s condition worsened sharply, he again fell into a coma and was even connected to an ECMO apparatus (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation), which is resorted to only in extreme cases.

For several weeks the situation has not changed. However, on June 10, sports manager Ali Abdel-Aziz reported the good news for the first time. According to him, the situation of Nurmagomedov still remains serious, but there has been clear progress. He not only answered his son when he spoke to him, but also smiled at him.

“Habib is a very strong man, he has a strong family and a strong father. Abdulmanapu is already better. He opened his eyes and answers a little - this is a good sign. Everything is in the hands of Allah. We believe that he will recover, but ultimately it all depends on his own body. Now he is recovering, which we are very pleased with, ”Abdel-Aziz told ESPN.

In addition, he suggested that the incident not only did not break Nurmagomedov, but also more motivated him in preparation for the upcoming fight.

Then Hajiyev also stated that Nurmagomedov had been in Moscow for several days and was visiting his father in the hospital. Moreover, for a long time, even relatives were not allowed to visit him.

“I don’t know the details, but I heard that Habib’s father is better. That is, at least, there is a positive trend. It’s early to say that he is recovering, but there is a positive trend, I have the same information, ”said the head of Fight Nights Global.

Nurmagomedov Sr. is one of the most respected coaches not only in mixed martial arts, but also in combat sambo. Therefore, the progress of his treatment was watched with excitement by both the wards and his son's rivals, as well as representatives of other sports. UFC President Dana White, former champion in the featherweight and lightweight category Conor McGregor, the players of the Russian national team and Makhachkala's Anzhi, famous commentator Dmitry Guberniev, as well as numerous fans, wished the specialist quick recovery.