TJ Parker, here as assistant to Zvezdan Mitrovic, during a Euroleague match in Belgrade last November. - Nikola Krstic / REX / SIPA

  • Tony Parker has just announced to L'Equipe this Tuesday his choice to replace on the bench the Asvel Zvezdan Mitrovic, dismissed last month.
  • If Frédéric Fauthoux will land well at Villeurbanne, it will be as an assistant to TJ Parker (36), younger brother of "TP" who will find himself on the front line in Jeep Elite and Euroleague.
  • After eight seasons as an assistant to Asvel, apart from a mixed four-month interim in 2018 between the periods of JD Jackson and Zvezdan Mitrovic, TJ Parker is therefore (re) given his chance.

"I trust my instincts and I think TJ is ready. He learned well for eight years, it's the right timing. Tony Parker has decided to name his younger brother TJ (36) head coach of Asvel for next season, as L'Equipe revealed on Tuesday. In particular assistant to Zvezdan Mitrovic during the last two seasons, TJ Parker will therefore take over from the Montenegrin coach, dismissed by the club villeurbannais one year from the end of his contract.

Asvel: Tony Parker's younger brother, is TJ really ready to train the biggest Pro A team?

- 20 Minutes (@ 20Minutes) January 16, 2018

This former professional player, who went through Paris Basket Racing, Sluc Nancy and Asvel, will be assisted by Frédéric Fauthoux, who was strongly expected to arrive as number one after his five years as a tenured coach at the Metropolitans 92. This is not is not the first time that Tony Parker, president of Asvel since 2014, tries the bet to launch his brother on the front line.

"TJ knows very well that I will have no moods"

After having dismissed JD Jackson in January 2018, "TP" had entrusted him with the keys of the team, for his first experience as number 1 coach in his career, and it was not necessarily only an interim . "He has his chance for six months and we will then take stock of the club's performance," said the former Spurs leader. After a elimination in the quarter-finals of Jeep Elite at Le Mans and a mixed record (16 wins and 13 losses), Tony Parker had finally preferred to recruit Zvezdan Mitrovic (Monaco), champion of France with Asvel in his first season.

Two years later, will TJ Parker this time be able to pilot a Euroleague club reinforced by the arrivals of Norris Cole, Moustapha Fall, Paul Lacombe, Allerik Freeman and Kevarrius Hayes? "He knows the rules of the game, he knows very well that I will not have states of mind if we do not have the results we want," says Tony Parker.


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