The players ’agent, Walid Al Shamsi, said that there are clubs (without naming them) that took advantage of the Corona crisis and forced the players to sign contracts, including clauses that contravene FIFA regulations.

Al Shamsi told Emirates Today: “Finally, one of the players signed a contract with a club, which includes receiving a monthly salary of 35 thousand dirhams, with a clause in the contract that does not give him the right to negotiate or move to any other club, except before the end of his adult contract. It only lasts two seasons, is 15 days, or is fined five million dirhams.

He added: «Such a condition is inconsistent with the FIFA regulations, which give the player the freedom to sign for any other club six months before the end of his contract, and such a large amount for the player to make him need to play with his club for more than 10 consecutive years, without spending a dirham from him One. ”

He pointed out: “Among the major mistakes that some clubs commit is that they set clauses in players’ contracts regarding fines and penalties, if he committed any of them, and the total fines are higher than he charges in his monthly contract, and this is not legally permissible, and when you ask any administrator: Why Unfairly placing items with these fines that exceed the player's salary

His response is that the player gets another salary from his employer, and he can pay off the remaining fine for him.

Al Shamsi continued: “Unfortunately, there is a confusion between the salaries that the club pays to the players, and what they receive from other parties, such as their employers or even their investments. It is professional to have the list of penalties in line with what the player receives, so a fine is not applied to a player who receives 35 thousand dirhams "10 thousand dirhams in the case of obtaining a yellow card like a player who gets one million dirhams per month, and this huge difference in salaries is in our league."

He continued: "I was stopped by a clause in the contracts imposed by some clubs, which compels the player to reduce his salary in the event of (disasters), or what prevents the completion of the season, as is the current situation in the crisis of Corona, without specifying the rate of contract reduction, and this gives the club the right to Players ’salaries are reduced by the value that they see in their best interest, as if FIFA's tendencies were mistakenly understood, when clubs were allowed to reduce players’ salaries due to the Corona pandemic, provided that the players agreed, and that the rate of cuts was not unfair to the player, affecting his monthly obligations ».

He drew: «Each club has the right to set its own internal regulations, which govern its relationship with players, but in a way that does not violate international regulations, and this is the role of the Football Association, which I propose to formulate unified contracts, preserving the rights of the player and the club together, and in what does not distort the image of a ball UAE externally ».

And on the reasons why players agree to sign such contracts, as long as they include provisions for this injustice,

Walid al-Shamsi said: “Unfortunately, there are clubs that resent when they negotiate with the player through his agent, and want to separate their players away from the agents, and I appreciate the positions of some of them, because there are players' agents that only interest them (their commission rate), but if there is ( Good faith) on the part of such clubs that have summoned legal players who have agents, or called agents agents who enjoy transparency to notify players of what is included in their contract terms, so that the player is aware of what the contract contains, so that he knows that he is at risk of accountability that may reach the courts in the event Violation of one of the clauses, otherwise why do some clubs call individuals from their employees to be witnesses to the contract in an incident that we only have. ”

He noted: “Unfortunately, all players are not interested in their contracts, except for the monthly salary and duration of the contract, and the privileges that they receive, and they ignore the rest of the terms. For this there should be lectures and educational sessions for players and clubs to stop the confusion that occurs every year in the players’ contracts, especially since there are Hidden problems occur during that period between some players and their clubs, including that a club refuses to pay the salary of one of its players four months ago, just because it is about to move to another club, and there is one department refuses to make a clearance with its player who decided to dispense with his services, to find a settlement for the remainder He has with the club, and other problems, without fear of accountability. ”

The most prominent clauses in the players contracts

1- The players are not entitled to negotiate with other clubs except 15 days before the end of their contracts.

2- Establishing clauses in players ’contracts regarding fines and penalties that exceed the value of their monthly salaries.

3- Granting clubs the right to reduce players ’salaries in the event of“ disasters ”, or what prevents the completion of the season, without specifying the rate of reduction.

4- Summoning some individuals to be witnesses to the signing of contracts by players, in anticipation of resorting to civil courts, in case some of them violate the terms of the contract.

5- Clubs refuse to pay the overdue dues to players, or make clearances with each other, without fear of accountability.

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