, June 15th. Early in the morning on the 15th, Beijing time, the 28th round of La Liga in the 2019-20 season will start a competition. Real Madrid beat Eval 3:1 at home, Cross, Ramos and Marcelo scored goals, Hazard contributed assists.

  Only 4 minutes into the opening, Real Madrid took the lead. Benzema's penetration into the penalty area was blocked and Alvarez barely shoveled out. Cross edged into the upper right corner.

  In the 30th minute, Real Madrid expanded their lead. Ramos intercepted the ball in the backcourt, Benzemaneto crossed the pass, Hazard crossed again, Ramos easily scored into the empty goal. After 8 minutes, Marcelo shot into the far left of the penalty area. The first half is not over yet, Real Madrid has led the opponent 3:0.

  In the 60th minute, Eval pulled back a city. Rodrigo blocked the shot from the edge of the penalty area during the debris corner kick. The ball hit Vigas, deflecting and hitting the inside of Courtois' right leg into the net. Since then, Real Madrid has never given opponents any chance to maintain the 3:1 score to the end.

  After this campaign, Real Madrid continued to catch up with Barcelona by 2 points. (Finish)