In wedge yesterday was a long and high jump competition without crowds. Then Erica Jarder jumped 6.61 meters - which she has not done in five years.

- The feeling before the competition was that it could be long, so it feels very nice. Since I jumped 6.50 already in the first attempt, there were indications that it would loosen up considerably, which it did, Erica Jarder tells VF.

She broke her personal record of 6.70 in 2015. Three years ago, Jarder became a mother and before the competition in Kil she had long jumped 6.45.

- Now it is possible to continue in the right direction for years. It has locked down a bit in recent years you can safely say. I've known I've had this in me for a long time, but it has to come, too.

Going forward, Erica Jarder is aiming for Karlstad GP and SM.