, Beijing, June 15 (Wang Sisuo) Under the epidemic, Chinese fans have been away from the Chinese Super League for a long time, but their love of football will never fade. From the 10th to the 14th, the "Chinese Super League E-sports FIFA Online 4 Exhibition Tournament" was opened. 30 players from 15 Chinese Super League clubs including Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao, Beijing Zhonghe Guoan and Shanghai Shanggang competed against the online court. After five days of competition, Lan Jingxuan and Wang Zhenghao representing Tianjin TEDA defeated the opponents Preciado and Ge Zhen of Shenzhen Jiazhaoye, and finally won the exhibition championship.

  Throughout the series, Colombian foreign aid Preciado, who played for Shenzhen Jiazhaoye, and veteran defender Ge Zhen showed strong personal strength. Whether it is the first round of the game or the quarter-finals or semi-finals, both of them scored 2 Advance to 0. In the final, Preciado and Ge Zhen were also unequivocal, defeating Lan Jingxuan and Wang Zhenghao, who represented Tianjin TEDA, 2-1 and 3-2, only one step away from the championship.

  However, because the final is a five-game, three-win system, the players of Shenzhen Jiazhaoye still need to win another game in the two-player cooperation mode. At this time, the players of Tianjin TEDA played the power of teamwork. I don’t know whether it was because they both played guards with a good heart. Lan Jingxuan and Wang Zhenghao, two young people about 20 years old, always showed excellent performance in the double mode. Tacit understanding. They have experienced two "cooperative tie-breaks" in the quarter-finals and semi-finals. The finals have won three consecutive games in adversity and won the championship. It also proves that not only football needs to be cooperative, but also football games.

Picture: Tianjin TEDA harvests the official photo of the winner of the Super League E-sports FIFA Online 4 exhibition match Super League

Professional players incarnate FIFA e-sports players continue to explore the core of football

  Professional football players "getting together" through FIFA games are becoming a new trend in the sports world, and players are becoming all-round players who can "kick the ball at the foot and show the hands." During the suspension of major European leagues, La Liga, the Premier League and the Bundesliga have organized FIFA game competitions attended by stars. New generation stars such as Real Madrid winger Asencio and Leicester City midfielder Madison are in the virtual green field. It showed a very strong strength.

  Now that the Super League also has game competitions among players, this time the "Super League E-sports FIFA Online 4 Exhibition Tournament" is a good start. Last season, 15 of the 16 Chinese Super League teams participated. The professional players who participated in the competition showed a different kind of vitality in this contest. Confrontation, miraculous pass, reversal, lore, etc.. The wonderfulness that can be obtained on the real court is also endless in the virtual football world.

  "On weekdays, we are always used to watching the performance of the players on the Super League field. Nowadays, in the Super League e-sports exhibition game, the players come from the reality to the virtual, from the player to the e-sports master. This is a great thing for our fans. A special and interesting game watching experience, I hope that the Chinese Super League can hold more such e-sports games and enrich the football cultural life of the fans." said a fan who watched the exhibition game throughout.

  However, for these professional players, the most important thing is not the top game level, but the ability to get rid of their identity from the game and get more thinking about football. In the post-match interview, Wang Haijian, a 19-year-old representing Shanghai Greenland Shenhua, frankly lost to the final champion Tianjin TEDA in the first round and admitted that playing football games can improve his understanding of the game-"Because the game controls For a whole team, this requires constantly changing roles to think, and in reality players usually only need to consider their position."

Photo: Shanghai Shenhua player Chen Zhao (left) and Wang Haijian (right) interviewed after the match for official photos

The Chinese Super League welcomes the new outlet of e-sports to promote the change of traditional sports

  Taking advantage of this exhibition competition, professional players of the Chinese Super League have shown the unique charm of the fusion of FIFA e-sports and sports to the outside world, and this cross-border integration with traditional football is being received by more and more football games. The attention of fans and football fans. Because of this, the Chinese Super League has gradually explored a fast lane for brand rejuvenation, which not only provides a wider business space for the league itself, but also establishes a brand-new communication bridge between Chinese Super League fans and the club.

  Combining traditional sports and e-sports is not a one-time process, it needs to go through an evolutionary process. In 2015, the Chinese Super League started the game category development process. Along the way, it has established stable cooperative relations with multiple game partners. At present, there are more than ten Chinese Super League games on the market such as FIFA Online 4, live football, Chinese Super League, etc. The development of the Chinese Super League game category has gradually formed a mature and stable ecosystem.

  This year, the new season of the Chinese Super League has not yet started due to the epidemic. While the Chinese Football Association and the Chinese Super League are constantly promoting the progress of the rematch, the vacuum period of the event has provided opportunities for the Chinese Super League e-sports cause. "Chinese Super League FIFA Online 4 Exhibition Tournament" not only brings diversified football life experience to the majority of fans, but also becomes the best warm-up moment for the return of the Chinese Super League in the new season.

  Football provides a very attractive creative material for the game industry, and the game feeds back football, adding heat to this historic sport in a way closer to modern life. This exhibition competition has pushed this "mutual assistance model" to a new stage in China. The thinking that the epidemic has brought to traditional sports is more than a crisis. It is more an innovative model for future development. In addition to the mutual penetration at the cultural level, the cross-border integration with e-sports will break the traditional pattern of sports and bring new opportunities. (Finish)